another giggle on my account


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Talking another giggle on my account

I finally got around to digging into my son's computer to see what it had, and what I wanted out of it.

The motherboard won't fit in my tower and I wasn't in the mood to chase his wiring (pretty scary in there) to put my stuff into his tower.

I wanted to rob his video card, for sure! I put it in my system along with the card fan. Even robbed his cpu fan. That should be enough for now One of these days I'll get the time to put my stuff in his tower instead so I can make use of the faster processor and extra memory.

I hooked everything back up, booted up all excited about this new video card. Nothing. I checked all the connections and still nothing. Swapped back to my video card. Nothing. Great...I'm thinking I somehow killed my monitor. Really great since the laptop is in Alabama with my husband.

For me, panic begins to set in since I am addicted, yes admitting the problem hasn't really helped me LOL, but its there. The withdrawals were already happening since the system had been down for the swapping and also a good cleaning.

Guys, I forgot to reinstall the memory. I have to remove them to insure I don't break or damage them while removing and/or replacing the cpu fan. I laughed until I cried when I discovered that I forgot to put them back in. I can understand a cable not being connected, etc. but your memory? Apparently I've lost mine LOL.

Have a great day everyone!

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Be careful with your memory if you turn it upside down all your ideas will spill out all over the floor.
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Be careful with your memory if you turn it upside down...

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brain fart moment also........


I had a moment similar a few weeks ago. A friend put my hard drive into new "bare bones box". I go and pick it up and take it home all excited to get back to the "addiction" lol. Have all plugs etc in place .... then try to get online.... nothing .... zilch.... nada.... now i am almost in a state of panic. Then, just as I'm picking up the phone to call my Puter person, I happened to notice on the floor.........

I had not plugged in the phone cord!!!!!!


well, good thing is, I had not called yet! lol

Have a Great Christmas!

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