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A weird question

I love the taste of the water that comes from a tuna fish can. My roommate thinks that it is gross to drink it and gives it to the cats. Is it abnormal to like the taste of the water and drink it before making tuna sandwiches and other tuna foods?
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I would guess that it tastes like tuna. If you like tuna, it makes sense to like the water it is packed in. I have never drunk it alone, but it is on all the tuna that I eat.
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i agree with your roommate!! i think that is REALLLY gross!!! however, i don't have a logical reason to support my opinion! i don't rinse off my tuna after draining it, so i'm ingesting the stuff, too. i like to drink the water that canned fruit is packed in (pineapple, mandarin oranges, etc) and that's along the same lines. however, i wouldn't drink the water that canned vegetables are packed in (do you?) so i guess it's whatever floats your boat! it surely can't hurt ya!
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The water in canned veges is packed with vitamins. Not as much as after you cook them in water, but still vita's in there.

My daughter loves tuna so much that she would drink the water, too. I drink pickle juice, a sip not a lot.

To each his own. As long as its a food product I don't see what the problem is. I wouldn't drink the oil that some tuna is packed in though. Not really into drinking oil LOL.

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Kinda like drinking hotdog water I guess. Sounds gross but if you like it what the heck. I sometimes eat just tuna and crackers for lunch at work and everone think that's strange. They say how can you eat that without mayo and pickles? I love tuna salad but I also just love plain tuna and if salmon came in a smaller can like tuna I'd eat it the same way.
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I will not drink the oil from the tuna can if its packed in it (the cats get to drink that. I do not drink the juice from vegetable cans, but I do the love taste of the water from a pineapple can. BTW the tuna water has a stronger tuna taste than the meat if you are curious.
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you brought back memories lol

when i was a kid i use to drink the juice from the olives & pickles we had in the fridge! it drove my mom nuts!
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Each to his/her own!


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