When software kills


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When software kills

Think that software is safe? That software can't really kill anything but the hard drive? think again:

Are we too dependent upon computers?
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But there were those meddling with the system who were not involved in its design. A replay of Chernobyl.

Not only do computers need monitoring, but also many mechanical devices. Machines and other devices work only so well as the total knowledge and experience that can be programmed or built-in. Other examples would include almost anything that failed to regulate as designed or failed to turn off when it should.

Despite all the advances in computers, some intellectually higher element will be required for quite some time.
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I see very little diference in this Software issue & any Medical personel not using the sterilation equipment in the right manner. One is an overdose & the other is the spread of AIDs etc.

From the first machine we ever made, it was most often what we failed to do that got us in trouble. As a retired Auto Mechanic I am amazed at the genius that designed those cars.

A machine that can be worked on by an untrained person with make shift tools yet the car starts & goes again. These very same people go down to Office & grab a stick of RAM & sometimes just drop it in & it works with no problems.

I have no proof but I'd wager that more people are hurt by the controler in comand, than the Machine, 9 times out of ten.

Software/Hardware Perfection will come along when Man finds their perfection. Don't hold your breath LOL
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A replay of Chernobyl?

Anyone like games such as that?

High multilevel skill game like or similar to Chernobyl should be found at the link below:



Sharp Advice

If the link does not work, the Nuclear Power Plant blew up....

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