Broken fungernail questin


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Broken fungernail questin

I have a broken fingernail on a finget that is partially amputated ( very little padding and no fingerprint). Would applying clear nail polish over the broken area reduce the chance of the broken nail catching on something and tearing off? I haven't torn it off yet due to the fact that the skin there is hypersensitive and will scream in agony if I do this.

Thank you much in advice for any answers!!!
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I use crazy glue alot on my little nicks and papercuts but I don't think this or nailpolish would really offer much protection.

A friend with a similar problem had the piece of nail surgically removed.
He suffered for two years after his mishap and was sorry he hadn't done it sooner.

Your doctor would be the one to consult on this problem, I'm sure he will have an idea what to do.
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until you do that...

have you tried one of those liquid bandages yet?? may help till you get the problem taken care of.
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I just use a regular band-aid. Eventially I can't stand it anymore and bite a stick and rip it off. OOOOOOUUUUCCCCHHHHH!!!!!

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