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Thumbs up Spam Snail Mail

Here is a good one to get back at all the snail mail spam.

If you get in the mail apps for this, and apps for that, rip off the names it is applies to, stuff it back into the return envelope, if one was provided, and send it back.

Heck, if there paying for the return postage it won't cost you the stamp, why not send it back to them.

If they can afford the postage out, make them pay for the return postage.

I did one today, ripped the names off so they don't know it was by me, then ripped up the app, stuffed it back in postage return paid envelope and my next trip to mailbox, off it will go. LOL
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I'll do you one better. I have been doing that for years now (maybe I'm pathetic). In addition to just sending it back, I wrote up a small paragraph bascally telling them to go kiss off.

I figure it this way, if everyone in the country did it, the USPS would be much better off financially, AND stamp prices would remain where they are. See? I'm an economist at heart.

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Talking Alternative Method

Two BIRDS with one stone.

Switch the applications or whatever JUNK mail arrives into another companies postage free return envelope. Thus the JUNK mail from one company gets STUFFED into another companies envelope and sent out.

By switching the enclosures from one companies JUNK mail and placing them into another companies return envelopes, might be helping someone on the other end who is PAID to open the return envelopes.

Never know when the advertisement or application etc you got but don't want......just may be wanted by another....

One mans "JUNK" is another mans treasure.......haha!!

Doing such can be or may be slightly risky.

If there are bar code markings either on the return envelope or any paper you STUFFED into a return envelope. Tracking may be possible.

Any excuse, if you're questioned, which is offered may not be acceptable to the receiving party. But S... does happen!...LOL!

Side benefit:
Postal Letter Carriers have job security. Every envelope counts.

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