How do you measure for granite counters?


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How do you measure for granite counters?

Hi, I spoke with HomeDepot and a few others and you can either measure your kitchen yourself for the granite counter tops or have them measure, but you have to pay for them to come out to do it. What do I need to know to properly measure myself?
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Why would you do business with someone who charges for an estimate?

Some granite counter top providers, do most of their prep work off-site, IE. cutting and drilling.

It will also make a difference what style of sink and type of installation,IE., under counter, flat rim, or self-rimming.

Besides the faucet, will you have an air gap, soap dispenser, instant hot water, etc.

If you are having a full back splash, you will have to locate and identify windows and any other irregularities in the wall plane.

You will also need to Identify walls, finished ends, fixed appliances, and center lines.

So, now that you're filled with enthusiasm, tape measure in hand, select a reference point and make all your measurements from that point.
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Snoony, you said:

Why would you do business with someone who charges for an estimate?

Let me ask you this:

Do you work for free? Would you go to work and at the end of the week let your boss dictate your paycheck? How would that make you feel? What if he said, "You only did this at work during the hours of 1pm and 2pm so I don't feel I should pay you for it. You'd be ok with that, right?

I'm a business owner and I use to give free estimates, until I got sick and tired of dealing with tire kickers. People who are serious about doing a project will spend the couple of bucks for the guys time, and years of experience he'll be sharing.

You just tell them that if they go with you, you'll take the fee off of the job.

Sure, there will be people who will object to it and in my trade of custom furniture, my $300.00 fee for design work is peanuts. That's a few sheets of wood.
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Thank you for the interesting and subject specific post.

I as well, every minute of every day, negotiate, with people whom I may never again have the opportunity to have a social discourse, my future.
Its called capitalism and in a free market society, I've never been able to find a legal document which encumbers anyone, for goods and services, I did not provide, except myself.
If you have such a document, would you please post it?

Thanks, in advance.

PS: All expenses associated with providing an estimate, are deductable.

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