I'm going back to school!


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I'm going back to school!

I'm so excited that I can't see straight. I enrolled in college today! I haven't been in school since 1995, when I took a few automechanic classes. Before that I was graduating high school in 1980. Yes, dating myself here LOL.

I've put this off, and put this off with so many lame excuses and I just couldn't come up with any more that would hold water.

I start Monday!


Ps. Am going for an associates in science - Microcomputer technologies
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Congratulations, and good luck.
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Thumbs up Good for you!

I've always wanted to go back and I've said that maybe I would too after the kids are gone.

They've been out of the house for a year now and there is no time in sight.
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Good on you! When I graduated high school in '66 I was too smart to go to college. A few years later I thought about it but said "well heck, if I go I'll be 30 by the time I'm done". My dear wife asked me, "well, how old will you be if you don't go?"

That lit a fire under me, I got by BS when I was 28, (turns out I was a better college student than high school student), and 38 when I got my MBA. I found that I had much better study habits and discipline than the "kids" that I was in school with.

You go girl.

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Good luck...
Don't let those kids give you any crap!
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Thumbs up Our Kay Makes good!

Good for you Kay I know you will soar

Always know your DIY Family is proud of you. You have set a fine example for every DIYer. We say I know I Can, & we do it ourselves

Your good Friend,
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Thanks for the encouragement!


These posts are so encouraging! I apparently need to be in school since I am just now getting these post notifications. Apparently I didn't have my email settings correct in Outlook. I can't send or receive emails today - now I know why. My box is full on the server.

I haven't been ignoring everyone - just missing out! Not good!

I am enjoying school more than anyone knows. It is hard, yes, but a good challenge. I had to give a speech last week. Oh my! I was so nervous. I'm eager to see my grade. So far I'm making B's. I was afraid that I wasn't going to get those either. My study skills are horrible! Some good friends and fellow students have been giving me tips so I can hopefully maintain those grades when things start getting tougher or better yet: bring them up higher.

More exciting news: My Spanish teacher mentioned our study abroad course. Wouldn't it be so exciting if I could pack my family up for a month and study in Costa Rica! Not only can I get 6 credit hours in Spanish, my family can have a vacation in Costa Rica and learn the language and lifestyle themselves (just by being there!).

Thanks again everyone! And I'll post my adventures in college as they happen LOL!

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I found that I had much better study habits and discipline than the "kids" that I was in school with.
I'm having trouble with the scheduling part. I still don't have the hang of juggling the house, kids and work - now I've thrown school and studying in the mix!

I am proud to say that I made a 95 on my speech last week. I was so excited. I am making B's so far. Not my best but I am pleased with how I seem to have to grab time here, there and yonder (yes, I'm in the South LOL).

I have to bite my tongue while in class sometimes. Some of these kids are throwing away the opportunity of a life time. They just don't know it. There are also some kids there that I'd like nothing better for them to go somewhere else during classtime. They are so distracting. They may not want to be there, but there are a bunch of us (all ages) that are wanting to be there and it means a lot to us.

I have been researching the trip (possible trip) to Costa Rica. It is getting more expensive every day! Passports alone will cost us $395. Then, the hotel (condo/apt) will be another $2300. I haven't even begun to check flight costs, etc. Even though I can bring the dog with me, it appears that no hotels and/or condos/apts will allow pets. That means boarding fees. Yikes! My tuition for the month will be $1400 if I don't qualify for any grants. I'm seriously thinking about getting a part time job waiting tables and putting all that income into a savings account. Tax refunds, Christmas monies, well they will all be going into our Costa Rica account! May not happen this year, so we can shoot for next year. Possibly go during winter break next year for 2 weeks. I'm not giving up on this summer though. I will give up if it truly becomes impossible for us to go.

Hope all other students are having a successful semester!

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Good luck, Kay! I'll date myself here by admitting I graduated HS in 1978. I returned to complete my BS in 1997 after a way-too-long absence from acedemia. I finished an AA in programming, a BS in networking, a Masters' in InfoSec Engineering, and am about to finish a second Masters' in Computer Forensics! Despite the time and effort committments involved, I find it easier now than when I first went to college way back when. And doing well at it feels good, so good that I can't stop! Somebody stop me before I enroll again!! (Seriously, I am considering a PhD program... )

Stick with it! The sense of accomplishment is amazing!
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I'm loving everything about school, well not everything, but I can't decide what I want to take next LOL. Since I'm paying my own way through college I don't have to have a major so I'm heading one direction while taking other courses that interest me as well.

If I had the time I would go to school everyday, all day LOL. My poor brain probably couldn't handle it tho.

I didn't realize that even at age 42 I am still ignorant to all the directions I can go with my education/career/life!

My brain is sponge right now. I can't get enough!

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Put nothing, even kids, between you and college. Your kids are age goup that they need to rally behind a heroine. You have been long in search of yourself, despite the windows to your soul on the forums. You have always been an awesome woman and leader. Wish you the best. CYA and always look out for #1. Don't let kids and men in life interfere with goals. Been there amd done that and never got my PhD. Hope you do.

How's the Tae?

How can we pay for going back to school? Can you share? The only things that keep me out os school is tuition and transportation. Please advise,
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School is going well. Haven't let anyone but myself come between it and me, except for me Some days I just don't want to go. I go, and its all good when I get there and am glad I went.

I have missed several days due to being sick. I didn't know a bad tooth could cause this much havoc in my body. The dentist said that not only is one of my teeth is rotten at the roots, it has also spread infection in my jawbone. Once we get that under control we'll assess the damage and see what needs to be done next. Hopefully just have the tooth pulled, but we aren't sure of the damage to the bone. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain in my jaws and gums.

To date: a 3.5 average - not too shabby for this old chick!

Money for college? Used that excuse forever. I always could find something better to spend large amounts of money on. Mike happened upon a really nice bonus check so I went. I had to move fast for two reasons. One, deadline was that Friday (I had 3 days to get everything together) and Two, I was afraid I'd back out.

I didn't qualify for any grants or other funding. They say we make too much. I reworked the budget to find ways that we're still blowing money and we've cut those out so I can pay tuition next semester. I also found out that there are all kinds of scholarships out there. Some based simply on your gender, some on your age, marital status (IE: mother returning to school or single mom returning to school), even age - there's one for women over 30 returning to or starting school for the first time.

Anyone interested can go to www.fastweb.com and search their listing based on your major or interests. Be aware, tho, there are a lot of ads and I am receiving a lot more spam after registering with them. However, they do send me emails of new scholarships that are available to me.

I also discovered that the company that I work with will give me $2000 a year toward my education as long as I remain with them. I still don't have all the details on that one so I won't get excited until I know all the 'catches' - if there are any.

I am also attending a community college to start. It is an extension campus of Ole Miss so everything I'm taking can be transferred to an undergraduate study there, or anywhere. The cost is a lot less this way, too. I think my tuition for 12 or more hours was $700. My books were about $400 ( ) but I can sell some of them back, and the others I will use next year if I continue those particular courses.

Twelve...what's wrong with your car? I thought you had a decent one. I have this crudy old station wagon that is on its last leg, but I have a backup plan. If the car doesn't start, my SIL or neighbor across the street (who is extremely proud of me for going back to school) will take me and pick me up. It is also fortunate right now that both my son and husband are working nights so I have access to those two vehicles right now if needed. I am also lucky that the campus is 10 minutes from here. If all else fails I will just leave very early and ride my bike LOL.

I am also networking with people at the college as to who might one day need a ride and offers rides in return.

I'm not taking tae anymore. I made a poor choice when I chose this instructor. He became very competitive and pushed me too hard. I ended up spending more time on the side line due to injuries that I did even practicing. I do continue to practice smaller moves and my yoga to keep me limber.

Kay - who needs to work on her English essay and is avoiding it. Its an informational essay on how to change the oil in your car. How hard can that be for me to write? Not at all, just procrastinating...
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Gosh, I didn't realize it was already February! Time flies when you're having fun or stressed out LOL.

I ended up with an A last semester. I'm not exactly sure what kind of A, but it shows a 4.0 on my transcript, both gpa and gpa with hours. Not happening this semester, so far. I started with 18 hours and am now down to 12. Couldn't handle life and that much school at the same time. Well, one of them I dropped because I couldn't afford the book, and had to defer payments on my tuition.

**note: you can pay half your tuition, and then 1/4 the next month, and the last 1/4 the month after that! You can also purchase your books for the semester a lot cheaper from overseas than you can here? If you preregister for classes then you have time to scout out books on auction sites and book finder sites.

I changed my major to accountancy. I had planned to get an associates in microcomputer technology, but now the plan is to actually get my bachelor's in accounting. Two of my courses are online, which I am truly loving. I guess I'm one of those that do better as 'self taught' with direction than sitting in a classroom. I take two classes on campus (one being Spanish) and Computer concepts, which I couldn't find an online class for that. I love computer concepts because we're learning how to use the Office programs. I had no idea what all Word could do! Can't wait to learn Access and Excel! I can't imagine trying to learn spanish online, but they offer it. I enjoy my teacher too much. She lived in spain for years (teaching english) and has also traveled to & lived in many spanish speaking countries.

Elizabeth, my 17yo, is bound and determine to graduate from high school. Both her older brother and dad dropped out, and she refuses to follow in their footsteps. However, she was failing and still in 10th grade. We have pulled her out of public school and she is now enrolled in an extension program and will graduate in January 2006. She is so dedicated to home study that she is now making A's in classes that she was failing before.

My 12yo son, cannot read. Bugs me when they keep pushing my children through the system when they cannot even read! He is also in the extension program. After thorough testing, he is at a 4th grade, pre 5th grade level. He 'should' be in the 6th. He is progressing slowly, lacking the discipline it takes to study at home. Elizabeth and I spend a lot of time having to keep him on task. By the grace of all that is good, the testing days are Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I have classes MWF, but Tuesday we can test! I was afraid that I would have to redo my schedule or drop even more classes but it didn't have to happen!

My busines fell flat on its face this past year. I couldn't help it. I had to make a choice of making a little money each year to the possibility of actually having a shot at a career with $$$$$$. DH and I have decided that we actually need to sit down and plan our future instead of playing at planning. It started at the beginning of this year.

I discovered that we make too much to get any grants. Shocked my friends, me and a lot of students. We're always broke, and barely can pay bills so how did we not qualify? Well...I got to really talking to people and paying attention to our lifestyles. I've cut our spending in half, but that is still not enough. We are lazy, and 'fat' with spoiling ourselves. It really hit home when my SIL told me how much her husband made this year. OMGosh! My husband makes A LOT more than his brother, and yet they seem to always be financially okay, never having to do without food or gas or worrying about paying this bill. Not living large, mind you, but financially stable. Us, on the other hand, or paying bills by cut off notices and begging for extensions on things. My priorities are still way off base.

We got back $4500 in taxes this year. My DH also is expecting a $5000 commission check this month as well. Now you tell me...what do you think we'd normally do. A new couch, a newer car, go out to eat, buy clothes, I want a new stove, new washer and dryer...

The gov't is VERY correct in that I should be able to pay my way, and my children's way to college. I have been a fool and spoiled to living beyond our means and/or spending what Mike makes. Things will be different this year. We've already planned part of what we're going to do with the money. First thing is open a savings account and get that money out of the checking account where we will eventually dwindle it away. After that, we need to determine how accessible we need all or part of the money. Cd's? Money market accounts? Invest part of it in my DH's 401K? $1000 of it is going into a separate savings account at a different bank. That is my tuition & books for next semester. The commission check will definitely go into his 401K to repay that loan (we had to borrow to save the house a few years ago).

Although we've been great to not create any new debt and keeping to the debt-free in 10 years, we also are excited about the fact that if I were to work for 10 years after getting my degree, never spending any of that money only investing it, we can retire quite nicely.

In a time when retirement ages have moved up to 60 & 65, it seems like a wonderful plan of being able to retire by the time I'm 56, 57 or 58. Who knows? Maybe sooner.

Oh well, seem to be rambling and need to finish my algebra test and submit it and move on to the next chapter. Mid terms are coming up next month so I need to make sure that I am retaining all that I'm learning.

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If anyone is interested, you can get a government loan to go to school no matter what your income level. The interest rates are very good (I think they're less than 4% right now), and the repayment schedules are extremely forgiving and generous. You don't have to start repaying them until you stop taking classes, and they are even interest free during the time that you take classes!

If that wasn't enough, you even get 36 months of forbearance if you choose to use it. For example, if you are going through a particularly tight spot financially, then you can make a request that you forbear the payments on your loan for a certain number of months. There are no strings attached, save that the loan still accumulates interest during the time that it is in forbearance.

Congratulations on your successful return to school! I have also started taking classes again recently after a long hiatus. I'm hoping to finally finish my engineering degree. Although I'm a bit younger (Class of '91) it's always comforting to hear stories of others that have returned to school. It is not an easy thing to do!
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It may not be easy, but I recommend it to anyone! I've sat home with my kids, feeding my brain with books and other online courses (non credit). But to actually be working toward a degree (goal) is the greatest feeling I've had in awhile. For awhile, I felt lost and that I had no other purpose than to clean house and raise kids LOL. Since I've gone back to school and become aware of the 'gazillion' directions that you can take your eduction/career choice I now have a plan. One that actually makes sense and can happen. My self-esteem is a lot higher that is has been in a long time. My moods have leveled out as well.

Even better news: my 17yo that was just wanting her diploma has decided that she wants to be a respiratory therapist.

OMG! I have a kid talking of going to college, not dropping out of school! Woohoo! At the rate she's going, this time next year she and I will be carpooling to the college.

And yes, you are so correct in being able to borrow money for school, no matter how much you make or even how in debt you are. Unfortunately we filed bankruptcy a few years ago. I didn't think I could qualify for a loan. I asked for just enough this semester to pay my tuition, and they loaned it to me.

I highly recommend anyone that is thinking about going to back to school, to just go talk to the financial aid department about their options. Talking doesn't cost a thing, and who knows...you might find that using 'no money' as an excuse for not going doesn't wash anymore. Your first step for grants and loans is to file with FAFSA. You can do that online at fafsa (dot) ed (dot) gov. You can find out within 24-48 hours if you qualify for a grant. If not, then you can try to find scholarships through fastweb (dot) com. They hook you up with links to all kinds of scholarship opportunities based on a career/major survey. If necessary, fill out a loan application at the school you're wanting to attend. If you get the loan and decide that you don't need it you don't have to accept it when it comes through.

Just please, please don't count yourself out until you've exhausted all possibilities. I thought I was in a position both financially and family-wise that I couldn't attend college. Boy was I wrong! Glad of it too.


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