School... school... SCHOOL!!!


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Talking School... school... SCHOOL!!!

Wow... didn't this summer go by fast... I worked as a counsler at a camp and now I'm going back to school its pretty crazy actually, I mean isn't it funny how time and life just flies by???

Its kind of sad, but so exciting at the same time!!!!! Oh................. so exciting... well I hope everyone's having a good day!!!

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How long have you been in school? Any pointers to help this 'old dog' learn anything?

I've been out so long that my study skills are lacking - to say the least. I'm also having trouble getting myself scheduled out with home, family, work and school.

For the past few years I've been studying at home, when and where I could find the time. Now that I'm in college I have to not only attend classes on a schedule, I also have to complete them on a schedule which is VERY different for me LOL.

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Talking School business...

Hey Kay,
Ummmmmmmm... well I've been in school for a little while... the only advice I can really give you is just study hard and do what ever is requested of yourself... and work to your highest potential, you may even find out something really cool about yourself, and about how well you can do in life, as well as achieve different things...

I've always lived on a pretty regulated schedule where I have followed what I need to do during the day, so I'm pretty used to it, but it shouldn't take you too long... just make sure to have fun, and you might even meet some really cool people... take care and I hope to hear from you soon... have a good evening!


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