Who's got the juice?


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Who's got the juice?

who has more power (short of using nukes) in America and/or abroad?

The President of the United States....
Owners of mass media companies(paper,magazines,television)...
Bill Gates...
Someone else....

Think carefully
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The People, as a whole, of the USA, are the most powerful. Unfortunately, we don't use that power to it's full extent. We can vote for our leaders, and this in turn gives us the power over the strongest nation in the world. Yet, we put people we don't even really like in the position to run the place. We listen to biased sources to formulate our opinions. Many of us don't even know any facts at all and vote purely on partisanship, and some of us don't even vote or care.

If you are looking for one individual person, then it's hard to say. I think still the president. Even though he is limited in what he can do alone, he is in the position to accomplish those things with cooperation from those needed.
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As an entity... Congress.

There is no one in the world who is the most powerful. The most powerful in any given country or from any organization has power only within that arena (for the most part).

In the US, yeah the President probably has the most individual power, but I would also suggest the following people as having as much or perhaps even more power.

Speaker of the House
Senate Majority Leader
Senate Minority Leader
Alan Greenspan
Heads of FBI/CIA

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The answer is...there is no ONE answer. Power is in the eye of the beholder and largely situational. The President is powerful, but he can be impeached. Greenspan is powerful, but he might not be reappointed. The Speaker of the House is powerful, but only as long as his party is in the majority. The CIA and FBI Directors are powerful, but they can be replaced.

My WIFE, on the other hand.............................
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Originally Posted by the_tow_guy
My WIFE, on the other hand.............................
LOL. True, so true.

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Who is in charge?

Based on this thread it is Tow Guy's wife. And, she is probably correct. We need more input from this lady.

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