Case closed for Scott Peterson?


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Case closed for Scott Peterson?

So far, I'm not impressed with the evidence presented by the prosecution. Yes there's plenty of circumstantial evidence, but nothing really concrete (no pun intended) to convict him of the charges. It's a shame because I do feel that he's guilty as sin, but it just seems that they let the defense have it easy. What I think would have been great to have seen would be Court TV's anchorwoman, Nancy Grace, against Scott Peterson. From what I've read, she has a perfect record of nearly 100 felony convictions at trial - and no losses while she worked as a prosecutor in Atlanta.

What does everyone here think? Do you think we'll have yet another killer walking free?

Court TV gives the most extensive trial coverage during the day, but I'm at work until 6pm usually. From what I hear though, during the closing arguments (which start on Monday, 11/1) they are going to give Nancy Grace her own 2-hour show from 6pm-8pm to review that day's events. That kind of works perfectly for me, and hopefully will give us some insite on what's going on that courtroom.

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Thumbs up Verdict is IN!!!

Do you think we'll have yet another killer walking free?
NOPE!!!!! he be guilty!
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YUP, they found him guilty. he can appeal (for years). Wonder why relatives and friends of a victim cannot have appeals. Whoops....thats double jeapordy. Can't be tried twice for the same crime. Who makes these rules and why do we as Americans let them happen. This whole conversation should be in "Chats and Whines". Sorry, I got carried away.
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Unfortunately, he'll get off eventually because the jury was obviously tainted overall and came back with an emotional verdict, not a factual from a LEGAL standpoint. Bottom line is this. I think he's guilty, but the prosecution offered nothing concrete (excuse the pun). Nothing but circumstantial evidence.

He desevres to rot, and will for a while, but he'll get off eventually...


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Thumbs down

he'll get off eventually...
no he won't. sooner or later, he'll get his for all of eternity.......

in the meantime, he'll have to hire some pretty good full-time body guards. i'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would love for his eternal damnation to start as soon as possible!
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If a high-profile attorney like Mark Geragos couldn't fend off a 1st degree murder conviction, I have a hard time accepting that the verdict will be overturned on appeal.

I think the electric chair is in his near future.

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