What would you change???


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What would you change???

I know most people whether they will admit it or not have regrets in their past and if they could magically go back in time to change them they would. I currently have a good life and enjoy it very much but there are things, "some I will mention, some I won't" that if I could I would have done differently.

1. The biggest is, I would have followed my concience instead of the crowd. No sooner than I got into highschool I started partying and didn't slow down until my late 20's. What a waste of about 15 years.

2. My 1st wife would never had been. I was 18 and thought I was saving her, all along she just wanted out of her parents house. I sold my prized 64 SS Chevelle to get an apartment and furniture and 20 years later I still miss that car.

3. My 1st house. What a money pit.
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In college I had the opportunity to go to school in England for a semester. I did not think I could afford it. Looking back, I should have begged, borrowed or stolen whatever I need to make it happen.

I once knew a VERY HOT, blonde, intelligent, wonderfull newscaster. At the time I thought she was way, way out of my leage and that I did't have a chance. In hindsight I think she was giving me all the signs but I was too stupid and too afraid realize it.
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I met a guy in college who wanted to motorcycle Europe with me because I am a free spirit and he claimed he adored my body and mind. He was not particularly handsome or even intellectually appealing. Now, I wish I had taken the guy up on the offer.

I will never see Europe because I don't have the money. It wasn't a thing that proper girls did in those days and would have never accepted such an offer. Don't remember the guy or his name or what he looked like. Yes, I wish I had taken the guy up on the offer. I am sure he found someone else. At age 55, I will never encounter such an offer again!

And, yes there are many other regrets. We can't look back. We have to look forward. And, yes, like you we fail to pick up on signs and the potential. Take a look at our current lives. Have we done anything any differently? Nah? I live alone and don't go anywhere unless one of my community volunteer organizations demands leadership training or conferences.
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Life is too short for regrets. I refuse to have them
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Originally Posted by air biscuit
Life is too short for regrets. I refuse to have them

Some day, I'll have to toast you in person for that...



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