Thank you, Veterans.


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Thank you, Veterans.

And a happy Veteran's Day to you, especially you past, present and future Marines whose 229th birthday was yesterday.
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Amen and Semper Fi. 1966-70 HQ Co OCS Trainer communications instructor Radio Relay Quantico Va.
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Tow Guy,

On behalf of myself, I too wish everyone a happy Veterans Day!

I wish to extend a wish of happiness and joy to all members of the armed forces, active and reserves! Mine is also directed especially to the Seabees of which I was a part for almost 8 years.

May the upcoming year bring more peace in the world than chaos and disorder.
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Thank You

I would like to add my voice and say thank you to all the veterans

Especially my father-in-law "Papa"
Who's Navy convoy was caught in a storm and pulled into port a day late, December 8th
I can't imagine the ruin they saw and what they felt

And my nephew the Marine
Who was deployed in his own country, in his nations capital, in a biohazard suit, after 9/11
I can't imagine what they saw and what they felt

Thank You All
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I'de like to say a big THANK YOU !!!!! from the bottom of my heart.
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Thumbs up

You beat me to it tow guy.

A Great Thank You to Veterans

on this site who participate daily to a good cause. Hats off to you this very day, you deserve it along with all the others.

I believe freedom isn't free, and I take it for granted for the reason I type here without the fear of attack. Too many take this for granted, and we should all remember the fallen, the POW's, MIA's, and the good men and women that have risked their lives, and are on duty across the globe.

Whether you agree with the current war or not, there are good sons and daughters protecting our core being back here in the states, and that, should never be underestimated. We owe them a terrific gratitude. The sacrifice they have made will never be forgotten.

Proudly show your respect for those who will be remembered for their honor.
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Yes indeed! THANK YOU! To those who served, and those who are serving so we can sleep in peace tonight.
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THANKS, and Bless you!!!

Semper Fi.


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