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When I'm not "activated" on the site, I can get to the "new Posts" button. But when my account is registered, I do not have access to the "new posts" button. Why?
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You need to post this question to sharp advice. He can help you in this matter.
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Do you not see "new posts" in the blue bar at the top of this page? (just under the welcome and the "last time visited" box). If you see it, can you click it and go to the list of new posts? Just trying to figure out if you see it but can't enter, or can't even see it.
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Cannot even see it.

I changed my email address in my User control panel. When you change your email it sends you another activation email. Until you take the link to activate your account, you don't have posting rights anymore. During that interem period, I had "new posts" and could click on the button. As soon as I activated again, the button was gone.

I do not see it.
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I'm not sure what's happened, but I'll get you some help.
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Non-mods have not had the "new posts" feature for a while now
We also don't have the search a specific topic feature
Some mods told me it was my browser
I was using IE and now use FF so that's not it
Searching specific topics would be pretty handy
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Hello: SkyKing

The condition you describe can occur for several reasons. I am not familar with every possibility. Most likely you will need to clear all cookies than start over once again from within the email with the activation number.

Chances are the computer is remembering the former settings and or confusing the new settings with the old ones. And be sure to log out of the member name. Than try not using a cookie to remember your log in info.

Once you determine which is the correct settings for you member name, upon logging in the next time use a cookie. In this fashion you will not have to log in each time. If this is the method used.

If not and you log in each time, once the correct cookie is set, use the activation number to access and change password to the one you select and allow a cookie. After that each visit to the site will have the same features each time.

There are several other causes for the condition described and some other members have had or do have the condition or problem you described. But there is no known condition with the software causing such to the best of my knowledge.

None sent in & no other member having the problem that I am aware of. So I have to assume it is an isolated incident to your computer or it's settings. Start over and try again from a cleared all cookies aspect. Should help.

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Well, it isn't my settings. I'm not worried about it. I just wanted to let you know a possible troublshooting technique if you ever decide to debug it.

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