Saw a car hit and roll over part of a deer, while going about 45 M.P.H


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Saw a car hit and roll over part of a deer, while going about 45 M.P.H

I was driving along the other night about 8 pm when I saw this car hit a deer. The deer got pushed off the road and knocked over. Got up, look toward the road and ran off.

I pulled over immediately to see if anyone was ok. I felt so bad for the 3 teenage girls. The driver was crying. Needless to say, her front fender was smashed in and part of the deers hair was stuck in her car.

When the girl hit the deer, she swirved over to the opposite side of the road, which brought back memories of a car that did the same thing, but different situation and while I was watching it in my rear view mirror, the car flipped over and rolled, then into a ditch. The lady didn't make it. Talk about bringing back flash backs.
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Glad those kids came out of it OK. It seems like covering emergency actions might be a good thing to cover in driver's ed. Body work and tears are relatively easy, telling a parent or spouse that a loved one isn't coming home is pretty tough.

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I've heard some nasty stories of deer coming through windshields and such. My experience was when I was 21. Driving my 70 Mustang with my friends in Indiana we flew over a hill and there was a truck pulled over and out of nowhere this 3 legged deer comes out and I side swipped it. By the time I stopped it had got back up, jumped the fence, and was gone. The guy in the truck said he had just saw someone else hit it before I came along. Talk about a deer that lives on the edge. I heard from a near by farmer that the 3 legged deer has been around for a long time. Apparantly lost its leg by a mower as a yearling.
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hi everyone,
- this happened to my wife around 12 years ago, EVEN though I'd mounted those little sonar whistle things on the front. She was OK thank God, (and apparently so was the deer) but it wiped out my classic '67 Cortina. -We have a very nasty govt. auto insurance scheme which considered it "just another old car"
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Glad the girls are ok.


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