Bad motorcycle "accident"


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Bad motorcycle "accident"

We had a bad situation here a week ago. Two Austin (TX) motorcyclists were killed in a single vehicle "accident". The driver was a retired Austin officer, (I don't remember his rank but definitely higher than patrolman), the passenger, his wife, was an active duty Commander in the Austin PD.

They had been out on an all day (charity) motorcycle run. But from all indications may have imbibed just a bit at the last few stops. At one point the guy put his front wheel against the wall in the last bar and literally burned the floor by spinning his rear wheel. Of course none of his "fellow officers" felt obligated to stop him, take his keys, call him a cab or whatever.

The sad part of this is they not only left kids and grandkids, it really puts the PD in a bad light in the holiday season. What with the public campaigns against drinking and driving, telling hosts and bartenders to not serve those who have over-imbibed, etc.

I'm not criticizing the deceased. As one who has been over-served myself from time to time and gotten behind the wheel of a couple of tons of high performance steel, I have no room to criticize anyone. At least I got my motorcycle days behind me in my early twenties.

I'm not sure with CNN, FNN etc, how much this may have made the national media, but it's sure gotten a lot of play in the region.

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I had a Honda CBR F4i 600 cc's, which was more than enough for me. Not nearly enough for others.

One day, I was crusing with some buddies doing about 70 in a 45 weaving in and out of traffic when a van stopped fast and I missed his bumper by about litterly 1 ft. Scared the you know what out of me. Needless to say, I didn't ride much after that and eventually got rid of the bike.

So many of the youth think it's "COOL" to ride around pulling wheelies, stoppies, etc, but don't realize how dangerous it really is.

I also saw a girl on the back of a C-Rocket when the guy pulled a wheelie for about 1/4 mile. CRAZY!
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Whoops, I see in my original post that I failed to mention blood alcohol content.

In Texas the legal limit is .08.
His was .25
Hers was .33, almost at the coma stage.

Pretyy sad.

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I've had two good friends killed, another get a broken back, and another get a crushed right leg from motorcycle accidents.
A kid layed a long straight limb across the road out in the country near my hometown (Gladewater) in East Texas, and two high school friends hit it running side-by-side at night. One was killed. One got a broken back and was in a body cast for six months.
A college friend had a woman run a red light in front of him in Austin, and was killed.
The fourth friend (here in NC) had his right leg crushed by a woman who weaved against him as he passed in traffic. Multiple surgeries, shorter leg, bad limp, and his leg will never be right for life.
Motorcycles can be dangerous enough. No alcohol was involved in any of these three accidents.
.25 and .33 are totally smashed just sitting in a bar. I cannot believe that they were allowed to ride a motorcycle or operate anything if their friends were around, especially cops.
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FYI, good articale in the new Reader's Digest on the lack of justice in DUI cases. Good reading.

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