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Exclamation Forum Conduct, Content, Behavior & Posting Guide Lines

Forum Topic Guide Lines Of Acceptable Conduct, Behavior, Rules, Policies and Posting Content. Community Forum posts should be courteous, polite and make a positive contribution to the topics of discussions. Content that may be interpreted as offensive, objectionable and/or inappropriate in any reasonable persons view is prohibited.

Publicly second-guessing, harassing, degrading and/or ridiculing is prohibited. Posting of diy internal affairs is prohibited. Discussions and/or topics pertaining to members, moderators and or staff members in the above manner is prohibited. Airing of dirty laundry is not allowed.

Flaming Trolls – has a zero tolerance policy pertaining to abusive, malicious personal attacks. Anyone deliberately antagonizing, disruptive, argumentative to wards another Community Member by posting ‘Flame Bait’ messages will be suspended and/or banned. No "Blogs" allowed.

Never degrade any other person. Always be polite, courteous and treat each other with all do respect, dignity and high regard as you would also want for yourself. Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. Moderators and members donate their time to make the Web Site and all the Forums a Better Community.

All posts should be legible, comprehensible, easily readable and also easily understandable. Inside and/or off color jokes, humor, etc. and/or double meaning posts may be grounds for editing or deletion. Same applies to photos.

Derogative remarks, comments, claims and/or statements, etc. in reference to and/or about advertisers, manufacturers, sponsors, distributors, products, parts and/or services rendered by such and/or by companies, dealers, agents, service personal and/or representatives of such must be avoided. None of which will be tolerated nor allowed. Disclaimers and/or qualifiers denoting the expression of a personal opinion must be used.

Furthermore and additionally to the above, also applies to any governmental level of public officials and/or elected and/or appointed officials. Includes specifically naming Political Elected Representatives presently and/or formerly holding public office at any level of Federal and/or state governments.

Be aware and advised, all posts on this web site are scanned by many search engines for content. And all such content is search able by key words on all search engines. Therefore, it is best to avoid real names, videos, photos and such when discussing political issues, etc.

Posts that transmit or facilitate distribution of content that is libelous, harmful, antagonistic, slanderous, invasion of privacy or in violation of the rights of another member, unintelligible, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, racially, ethnically, culturally, religiously, gender and/or sexually offensive are prohibited. Do It Yourself will not tolerate subordination of any individual, group or culture. No Exceptions!

Advertisements of any kind on the web site and/or within the forum topics is prohibited. No Exceptions Allowed. Refer to the 2 announcements posted in every forum topic.

The content of some postings can be considered idle chit chat nonsense postings for the expressed purposes of generating conversions, attracting attention, increasing posting count and or the passing of idle time.

Such postings may be considered idle chit chat nonsense postings by any member and specifically those whom must monitor and manage this topic or any other topic on the site. Be considerate of their time and avoid such postings. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated.

Members in violation of the rules and/or policies, content of postings are or may be subjected to suspension and/or banning from usage of this web site. Any and all postings and/or threads are subjected to editing and/or deletion, without prior knowledge.

Discussions based on political subjects, about and/or involving political representatives, elected officials and/or representatives of governments, public agencies, public and/or private corporations, officials and/or representatives of such, etc most be accompanied with a disclaimer stating a personal opinion only is being expressed. Best to avoid such posting topics and/or content.

Do-It-Yourself is a public domain web site but is also a privately owned enterprise web site. All posters must be aware of what they post. Therefore and including the so called expression of "Free Speech."

Free Speech does not apply in all and/or most cases and/or instances on a privately owned web site. All posts are subject to content review to determine the fitness and suitability to the web site and compliance with the established rules and/or policies.

Examples of existing "Free Speech" restrictions by law:

Free Speech does not allow yelling "Fire" in public buildings, auditoriums or movie theaters, etc. when no such "Fire" exists. A restriction, by law, is applied.

Therefore, "Free Speech" is already limited by state and/or federal laws.

Same applies to "slandering" any person. Not allowed by law.

Nor is referring to any person accused of a crime as being a "criminal," until such person(s) are convicted in and by a court of law.

Management reserves the right to edit the Web Site and/or Forum topics and the posting contents to insure they meet and comply with the Rules, Policies and/or posting content policy as needed.

Forum Monitor.
Web Site Administrator.
Web Site Staff and Management Personnel.

Sharp Advice. TCB4U2B2B Business Management Services.
Web Site Host, Forums Monitor & Multiple Topics Moderator.
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