Just thought I'd share a stroy of ignorance.


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Just thought I'd share a stroy of ignorance.

Please move if un apporite for this section.
For the past couple of months I have been working for a friend of a friend remodleing a barn into a home pretty much. Just to give some insight into what it is. It is an all block building that was at one time used as a process building for mink fur ( not real sure what they done but that is what I was told ). Any way I'll cut out all the babble of what I had done so far & get to the stopper. In the barn there are two rooms that was used for freezers, one of wich had 4" of ridiged foam insulation & the main (big freezer) having a total of 10". The way this had been done was a lay up of block wall, mortor 2" foam bord, another layer of mortor, another 2" foam board than a final thick coat of mortor and paint. The larger room is just the same but more of it.
Ok here comes the problem everything up to this point was being done with 2" furing strips ancored into the Block, with outside walls getting 2" of foam for insulation, a 3mil plastic vapor barrior than 1/2" drywall. But getting into the freezers the plan was going to be the same after everything that was in there being torn out first. The guy I was doing the work for decided it was taking to long to take out the foam. Heres where it gets bad. He wonted me to cut channels into the foam to run wire for everything & hang drywall over it all or leave it bare. First problem here I tryed to explane to him is that I cannot hang drywall on the foam because it will not stay in place for long if at all. The next thing I tryed to get through his head was doing this there was no way to secure the electrical boxes or wire safeley. But he said I was being overley picky & instisted that it be done like this. So I told him no way was I giong to have any part of it. Need less to say he told me to get my stuff & go home if I didnt do it his way, so I did just that.
Anyway just to summerize I dont know it all, & I'll be the first to admit that fact. But I take alot of pride in what I do & I do everything the best I can & follow codes as best I can. If anyone seen some of the things he has tried to get me to do they would drop. So now he is getting some other guys who dont know any better or just dont care to finish it.
Anyway I just needed to rant a bit... I feel better now.
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it is always better to stop a job than do what you know is wrong. when his "home" falls apart, or burns down, he will know the hard way you were right, and you will know you were right. you did the right thing. if you feel what they are doing is going to be dangerous, you should call the local inspectors, and let them know. better safe than sorry!
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It just got better. My friend told me just a little bit ago (after finishing the day with him,our boss or former boss )that he is planning on cutting channels into the foam for the wires & boxes, than put drywall mud over the cutouts to fill them back up than paint. My friend told him he was nuts to even think about it but he is going to do it anyway. He was also trying to wire a switch & a couple outlets & didnt know what wire was hot or nutural & wich side of the plug they went to. Whats bad about it all is this place is for his dad & this room is going to be a bed room. If he gets one litle spark in all that foam it will burn so fast he wouldent have a chance in hell.
I'm going to love it the first time he tryes to plug something or pull something from the outlet.
I don't really wont to get dirty about but I do agree about calling a building inspector on him before he gets someone hurt or killed. Tommrow my friend is going to try to talk him out of it & if he cant hes going to quit as well. If he dose go ahead with it like that I will be calling.
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It's unreal some of the hackery people will do. I know the guy would probably know you called on him but I sure wouldn't hesitate.

I commend you for walking away from a death trap hack job like that.

I can't believe the guy is cutting channels into styrofoam insulation, running electric, and filling it in with drywall mud. It actually makes me laugh picturing it.
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What makes it really sad if the fact that he is willing to put his dads life & himself in a possable deadley situtaion even though everyone is making it clear to him that he is. I'm suprised his dad hasent put a stop to it yet. He is pretty pissed at him for not listining to us, I just dont know if his dad relizes how dangerious what hes trying to do is.
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I'm glad you stuck to your guns. You probably will be too when the owner starts looking for someone to pin liability on if he survives the disaster. Look at it this way, by calling the inspectors, you may be solely responsible for saving one or more lives.

It's rediculous what some people will do. That's a crackpot idea he's got. If he knows so much about it, and won't listen to the pros, then why did he hire you in the first place??? You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
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Always glad to see that there are plenty of good pros left who won't do such stupid things, no matter what the guy paying them insists on.
That place is a total deathtrap. Not an "if"...a "when".
I would not hesitate to notify the local Building Inspection Department. Wasn't there a building permit pulled on it to begin with by the owner? He certainly could never sell it for residential, if he lives long enough. This mess wouldn't pass code in a Third World slum.
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"Good on you ", Joe. - I would have walked out also, and have done on quite a few similar, but not so scary situations. You definitely 'did it right' !
You may miss the money - but you've got your self-respect. That means a lot !

Do it Right - Do it once. (- never so true)
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I think I have screwed up some my self so I need to admit that. The guy doing it has a demolition busniss that I orginaly was hired for, but he got me talked into doing this job for his dad. I thought that a permit was required for the work being done but again he didnt see the point. I pretty much new better, but at that point a job was a job & I new if I was doing everything it would be done right. So I guess I'm at fault too for even starting the whole project.
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So I guess I'm at fault too for even starting the whole project.
But at least you show the good sense to bail out in time.
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Well I found out this afternoon that he is still planing to do the wireing like he suggested. So my friend told him he was on his own because he wonted no part of it either. Now we are just waiting on our checks from him, after that we are calling the local inspectors.
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Joe, -Take the checks to his bank and cash them first, THEN call the inspectors. CYA all the way.

Do it Right - Do it once.
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That is a little scary Joe
Actually, really scary
I'm sure you felt bad leaving a job you started, but I'm glad you left
The job "changed" after you took it, so there's no ethical problem with leaving
In fact, I'm willing to bet you'd have trouble sleeping if you had continued
If I understand you correct, a second contractor has refused to do what he wants? When will this guy get a clue?

Calling inspectors on this guy might just save his life

PS I don't know if it's still there, but in the electrical forums (I think) there was a thread where guys posted pictures of the nasty fixes and previously installed messes stuff they came across...some scary stuff in there too!
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The true side of the guy is realy coming out now. He refuses to give my buddie & I both our checks now. First he told us he would have them at the end of the day Fri, Now he is saying he cant get them untill Monday but its funny how the rest of the people working for him got theres. We cant beleve he is pulling this crap ( hes been friends with my buddy for about 15 years ).
But we have both decied that Monday morning hes going to be in a world of trouble. Some thing I didnt know about him that my friend has learned over the past couple mounths is going to bite him in the butt. How I said earyler he has a demolition busniss. Well he has three trailers a 50' low boy, a 50' flat ( not sure what its really called) & a car hauler that he just recently salvaged from a job. He also has two semi trucks that would not pass D.O.T. if they new some of the things wrong with them. Any way to the point, he is shareing the tag for the two big trailers to haul stuff & hauling a 10,000 pound track loader on the car hauler. First off the car hauler is only rated for about 6,000 max, But he also hasnt titled or plated the trailer. One of his trucks has no front breaks left on it & six of the eight back tires are bald or missing huge sections of the tread. He is pulling 40 & 50,000 pound machinary with these trucks.
Anyway he screwed with the wrong two people. Monday morning we are going to the deparment of labor about our checks. Calling D.O.T. about his trucks & trailers. And calling the city building inspector. There is alot of things that he is doing that he shouldnt be that we have told him all along, but he wont listine to anyone. Now he's going to find out how getting screwed feels.
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Keep us posted on what happens, Joe. I'm sure it'll be interesting.
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Well I got to making some phone calls today. I called the local sheriff's department today, & got ahold of Federal Motor Carrier about his trucks. Needless to say is is in for some deep stink. The Sheriff's department is going to be looking out for him (It pays to know people there as well as Motor Carrier. Funny thing is they are already quite fond of this guy, but havent heard anything about him for awhile, so they know who there looking for. F.M.C. said they will be in town in the next day or two (they have to come from out of town) watching for him at a job he is working on now & said they will stop him as soon as they see him on the street.
There is alot of things we are finding out that you cant do that he is doing. Example, He is supposed to have a permit every time to haul the heavy machinery he has & never dose it. He is not secureing loads when he haules them. Hauling well over the ratings he is suposed to, & it just keeps going on.
I really wish I would have known some of the things he is doing before hand cause I never would have worked for him to start.
Hes got it coming to him, as hes done it to himself. It's like they say some people never listin or learn. Mabey now he'll get the big picture.

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