Chewing Gum


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Chewing Gum

Here is a useless post.

I figured I would give it a try to see if anyone might have the same situation.

I chew Wrigley's chewing gum quite often, doesn't matter which flavor it is, but if I chew it for too long, the gum will all of a sudden turn into white paste without notice.

It is nasty and I can't tell if it is a time thing or just the product itself.

Or, if maybe the meds I take are doing it, but I haven't been able to link that scenario together.

This has been going on for years, and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

Maybe the ingredients have changed on the product to allow this to

I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't get a response, this is a oddball.

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You are supposed to chew a fresh stick periodically. One won't last all day.

It is probably built in obsolescence. The gum expires while you are chewing it. It is like trialware programs that quit after 15 runs.
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They can make an inexpensive light bulb that will last 100 years, but they don't. Same difference. LOL
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Well, I go through 3 packs a day..........small packs..........I guess there is 5 or 6 pieces per pack.

But sometimes out of the blue it will within minutes turn into white paste.

The taste is horrible, but I have been chewing gum all my life........never remember a situation like this.

I guess the reason I am asking is to see if the medications I take are causing this, or if it is just Wrigley's making their product different.

LoL .........I'm startin to fear embarrassment from asking this question.......but..........Oh Well.

I am a ex-smoker of 4 years so gum is part of the ritual every day at work.
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I've chewed Wrigley's, and I can honestly say that's the first time I've ever heard of that.

Could be the meds...
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try switching gums and see if it still happens. if not, it's the Wrigley's. if it does, it's you!

and while you're at it, switch to a sugarless (if it's not already). your teeth will thank you for not being bathed in sugar all day anymore!!!
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Well DP, one GOOD thing. People now know that Plumbers don't chew their NAILS. Guess thats a good thing.
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Plumbers chew gum? Thought you guys just gnawed on some plumber's putty.
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Talking Something Dunbar isn't telling you all about plumbers.

Plumbers chew gum so that it makes them appear impatient, while waiting for their customers to hand over the cheque!
Goes well with toe tapping and a palms up hand.
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My secrets have been revealed.
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Originally Posted by DUNBAR PLUMBER
I chew Wrigley's chewing gum quite often, doesn't matter which flavor it is, but if I chew it for too long, the gum will all of a sudden turn into white paste without notice.
Consumer Reports just had a blurb about chewing gum
Unfortunately it was for sugarless gum
They had 120 staff menbers tested the six top-selling sugarless gums, and note the time they started chewing, the time they tossed it and why they tossed it

Their conclusion was people treat their gum differently, and "long-lasting" is not an absolute

They said it seems the staffers who chewed it for hours would chew them all for hours, and staffers who chewed only minutes would chew them all only minutes

Adjusted for the chewers habits, they all were about the same
Comments from the particpants suggested Orbit may hold up a little longer, and Ice Breakers gave out slightly sooner
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(Hard to believe I'm responding to this... )

Assuming you're serious, I suppose what your asking is why the gum loses its flavor after awhile. Okay, the ingredients which provide you with the flavor are introduced to the 'gum' during the preparation process. As you chew the gum, you remove the flavor...

Aaauugghhhh! I'm unable to continue... Too painful...

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Nothing to do with flavor......that only lasts 10 minutes with any gum, just wanted to find out why the gum dissolves like it does.

Been chewing gum for years and didn't have this problem until recent.

I think it has to do with different product made by the gum company.

Like anything, short term life makes you chew more, therefore buy more. AARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH
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Chewing gum today is certainly not the same as it was when I was a kid many years ago. Today it is made from many synthetic products. The chewing is certainly not as enjoyable. Flavors seem to be released more quickly and the texture of certain gums tend to deteriorate and lose their flexibility.
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Quote: "Nothing to do with flavor..."

No? Well, okay. Then why not simply contact Wrigley et al via phone, email or mail. They may be able to afford an explanation to this mystery.

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That's nutty.

Try a little experiment: Pop a piece of wrigley's and chew it for a little while, then pop a peanut in your mouth and chew that along with it. Have you ever done this? Well the gum disintigrates because of whatever is in a peanut. One time Homer Simpson said something to the effect of it was the best invention since they created nuts-n-gum and he pulled a can of Nuts-n-Gum out of the cupboard and began to chomp on it. There is something in nuts, perhaps the oils, that break down gum in a milisecond. I want to say "emulsifier" but I'm not sure what is emulsifying what in this case. Anywho, I was comenting on this to a friend of mine in Spain and she told me that she sometimes has gum suddenly break down like that while chewing without adding nuts. She says it happens sometimes when she is working out. Like riding a bike or running up some stairs or something. So I wondered if perhaps she was secreting something under stress that caused the breakdown. Maybe it's bile. Maybe it's acid reflux. Whatever it is, I would bet that it's coming from you. And I would bet that somewhere there is something written about this and as soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to go and look for it. Um..... Ok, that would be now.
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Thanks Lost_ring. I'm like one of those guys that stuck his tounge to a metal post. I have to go get some wrigley's and peanut butter because the curiosity in me gets the best every time.
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After the last few replies I definitely know that something is different with the way they make gum now.

I've chewed numerous brands over the years and didn't have this problem until recently.

Just like fast food, everything is getting smaller in size in comparison to the size it was 25 years ago.

Remember when a quarter pounder with cheese from McDonalds was a big sandwich?

I cannot even eat one anymore because they taste horrible. And more bread than anything.

Winds of change and we keep buying the product.
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It has been fun reading about the Wrigley's chewing gum. Thanks for entertaining me! (I'm supposed to be working).
I have had the same thing happen to me, however, it was from chewing the gum all day long.
Great to hear that you've stopped smoking!


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