Okay, Whodunit II (I being closed)


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Okay, Whodunit II (I being closed)

This was an old post by Guest that did not have anything to do with Fewalts post.

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Okay, Whodunit II (I being closed)

"In answer to fewalt's original question about user titles I will report that custom user titles have been disabled.
It became too difficult to tell the difference between a mod and a member.

Thread will now be closed.
Any new "whines" start a new thread.
GregH...HVAC/R Tech "

Okay Greg, What's a Member Plus??????????

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I'm sure the "Member Plus" is just like a lot of forums where the more posts you have your status changes. We do not currently have the ranking list of what number the status changes.
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You are in a rather exclusive group. There are only 13 "Member Plus" members. I also believe it has to do with your volume of posts.
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The Members Plus category of member is a renaming of what used to be called behind the scenes "heavy user"........ No, we're not saying you weigh too much!
A heavy user is a member who is fairly active and has a large post count but is not a moderator.
This category allows these members to have the "search for new posts" function which regular members do not.

There is some adjustment taking place in the programming in which there may be other things like this crop up.

Another example of this are changes to the super moderator category.
This group has been split into "super moderator 2" and group moderator 3.
Group moderator 3 members are still super moderators but with only a different title for now while the programmers crunch away.
The separation of the super moderators has the ones now named super moderator 3 performing more administrative functions and the group 3 moderator having more direct forum duties.

This is part our efforts to make things work more smoothly around here.


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