Printers and their ink cartridges.


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Printers and their ink cartridges.

I went to my local wallyworld to get replacement ink cartridges for my printer. I discovered something a bit troubling. It was more economical to replace the whole printer than to just buy the cartridges. This is not a high end printer as it was around $100 when I bought it. The replacement cartridges are $125. This does not make a whole lot of sense to me. I have tried the refill kits but had next to no luck. The only luck I did have was that I successfully created one heck of a mess. Those so called easy to remove plastic caps are hermatically sealed tighter than Fort Knox.

I don't use this printer for a business however it is used for kids school work and other home uses. I don't need a high end piece of equipment and this one works fine for my purposes. How long is it going to take the ink industry to catch up with the printer industry price wise? I don't understand why it should work this way and why I should end up with a closet full of good but inkless printers just to buy ink at an affordable price.

The cartridges that come with a new printer give me the same amount of uses that the replacement cartridges do at a much lower price. You also get a bunch of newer graphics programs with the new printer that does not come with the replacement cartridges. Seems to me that a new printer every few months is a better deal if you have the storage space for the old ones. Already have enough door stops and the Salvation Army is over run by inkless printers.

Anyone understand this senseless anology the printer and ink industry seems to have?
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Post Relative Cost Factors

Hello: majakdragon

Although I tend to agree ink cartridges are costly, I also realize and consider the cost is relevent to the printers cost. Thus, a far more expensive printer would make the catridges seems less expensive. And likely to use the same cartridges. Simply a matter of ink prices versus printer costs, in general terms, variations exist, generalizations realized and considered.

Manufacturing of ink is a costly and complicated process also. Once that entire process is known and all factors are considered, makes the inks costs seem reasonable. Generic inks are not always the same as the OEM inks either. One does pay for quality if you want quality.

Add in the cartridges costs and the technology used adds yet more costs.

Used cartridges do have refund and/or recyling values. Most recycling centers buy back used & empty cartridges. As do some private dealers, ink sellers and retailers, etc. Just have to ask around in your local area, check the phone books and shop a few online ink sellers, etc. Ink resellers have ads on this site also.

Some, if not all cartridges, that come with a new printer do not have the same volume of ink. Doing that saves money which is than possible to sell the printer for a lower initial cost. OEM large capacity ink cartridges, imo, offer the best possible advantages for the money spent.

Personally, the costs to purchase ink cartridges does not effect me to the point of shopping around for price. Cartridges seem to be a rather reasonably good purchase for the intended purposes.

Controlling the print quailty, can be accomplished rather well, even with low to mod range priced printers. All depends on what the end results have to be. For generic printing, the lower quality print selection does fine. All depends on what is being printed and the quality desired, etc.

Without a doubt, the topic is controversial and likely to have many various opinions based on a variety of factors.

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I just bought a new printer that still cost me much less than the new cartridges would have. This is an all in one unit that has printer,scanner,and copier. This comes with the same cartridges that I would have to buy when it runs out. Same volume of ink as the replacements. I have not heard of any recyclers around here so I am not sure exactly how that works.

I now have a new printer that does much more than the old,and takes up less space to boot. I was planning to purchase a new scanner as the present one was really out dated and didn't do what I needed. Never thought about needing a copier but got one in the deal. And still have 1 extra door stop LOL.
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That's why the counterfeit ink jet and laser toner cartridge mfgs exist.
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I've always felt it rediculous how the price of the cartridges compaired to the printer. Cordless drills are a close 2nd. Buying 2 new batteries for a 5 year old drill don't make sense cause I can get a brand new drill with 2 batteries for about $75 bucks more.
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At least here in Canada, there are now many small businesses that refill cartridges for a huge range of printers. The Mfg cartridges for my Epson are around $56 for the pair in Staples. I've been getting them re-filled at a small franchise for over a year now, at $28 for the pair and I drop them off in am., get them back same afternoon.

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Consider an inexpensive laser printer to handle all of your black and white printing needs, and only use the inkjet when you need color.

The price-per-page is FAR less for laser toner than it is for inkjet cartridges.
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now when your new printer needs new ink, try buying the ink cartridges online - and get the remanufactured ones. they're 2/3 the price of new ones. and some places have free shipping on orders of $25 or more. like that's where we (here at work) found the lowest prices.
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when i bought my latest printer, one of the main things i considered was ink refills. i ended up with a canon, which has seperate cartidges for each color, so i only have to change the one that's empty. i hated spending 35 bucks just to replace one color, and 20 bucks just for black.
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I cry everytime I have to buy cartridges for my Lexmark X85.

I was told that Lexmark is the most expensive of all of them, I believe Canon or HP was the cheapest?

I will be in a market for a nice one eventually.....I am on my 2nd Lexmark; 1st one was under warranty so I ended up with a scratch and dent from Lexmark.
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I have to agree with Annette on purchasing ink online. I have an Epson C62 which costs a little more than twice what my Lexmark ink cartridges cost (for one). I now purchase my ink from and got 5 black cartridges and 4 color ones for $41. They print just as well as the Epson brand ones, and don't make a mess either.

I think the 'thinking' behind Lexmarks lower priced and/or freebie printers you get with a computer as a deal is that they will recoup the loss the printer price/cost with the ink prices they charge. I couldn't even find ink for the Lexmark I had (paid $30 or so for the printer) cheaper online. My freebie HP printer back in 1999 about broke me with ink. Refilling those cartridges wasn't even recommended by the refill kit manufacturers. I tried because I did find instructions online from the refill kit maker, and it still made a huge mess in the printer.


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