comparison of different states police rules


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comparison of different states police rules

did anyone else watch the ending to the shooting in Tyler Texas, at the court house ?

appears this fellow shoots 2 or 3 at the courthouse and then leads the police on a persuit, at some point in time the police cruiser rams, his car whereby the asaliant jumps out armed with an ak-47 [ can't tell if its full auto or just semi-auto] according to report he was wearing a bullet proof vest, however the whole thing is over befor it gets far as them Texas Law Enforcement boys end it right now, now living in Kalifornia and as everyone knows and remember our infamous No. Hollywood shoot out where officer after officer was shot and civillians was shot and the whole thing lasted way way tooo long and furthermore they didn't even have long guns capable of defeating the armor vests.

I enjoy, yes enjoy watching how things are handled in the no b/s southern states, in comparison to a very strict no ccw state that is very liberal and full of misfits. aka Kalifornia

Those law enforcement personel gave that criminal no time to inflict additional harm to anyone as it should be. my hats off to em all.

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Yeah, most cops, see everyone as potential criminals, rather than law abiding citizens with constitutional rights.
What they usually do is go fishing, that is, they look for little things like a bad tail light or whatever, hoping to get something bigger, like a pot smoker, or gun toter.
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Originally Posted by roadhawg3
Yeah, most cops, see everyone as potential criminals.
I really don't think this is a true statement, at least the "most" part. I'm sure a lot of the enforcement officers do their share of profiling and they have to use any reason they can other than the type of person you are to pull you over "such as a broken tail light". If you are a law abiding person and have nothing to hide then you are out of some time but if he is right then they may have just saved a life.

That's just my opinion and I've been on the side of being profiled and was the good guy.
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Yeah many law enforcement types in TX, (note my profile) may get close to the "edge", some of them even go over it. One or two VERY high profile cases from the late '70s and early '80s make for very interesting reading. Heck two or ten of them were made into "movie of the week" deals on TV.

I lived in Houston for 25 years and I could see a huge difference in their PD over that time, of course being the constant target of Federal inquiries should change bad behavior. OTOH the pay of law enforcement is TX is a disgrace so it's been difficult for them to attract the best. Several of my friends are city cops, county sherriff's deputies and Staties so I see the problems from both sides.

Heck when I moved to Houston a common expression in TX was "you might be the rap, but you won't beat the RIDE".


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