Locked Keys In Car


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Locked Keys In Car

I can't believe this, I drove all the way to my girlfriends parents home "1 Hr". Dad said he'd put the magnetic signs I have on my car on his car for my business. The area he lives, people are more likely to spend the money on custom furniture.

So, I went to my car, opened the door to grab something else. In the process, shut the door with my keys on the front seat!

Now I have to go back to Toyota and have a key made and hopefully they can do it just using my VIN number.

I had planned on starting a new project today for a client, but that doesn't look like it's happening.
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you didnt want to call a locksmith?
or know any friends who are really good at getting into locked cars?

i remember my second car was a 1963 vw beetle i bought from my dad, who had it since it was new. the only way the doors would lock was with the key, from the outside. many a time i wished more cars were like that!
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We just got a 99 Ranger and the doors WILL NOT unlock with the KEY. You have to use the unlock button on the key fob. When I asked about it they said it was something to do with the factory alarm system. Hope the battery doesn't run out when all the stores are closed or I am too far from Walmart
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Years ago I was out of town for a job, it was cold and snowing
I got out at 6:30PM or so and sure enough, keys locked in car
So I did what we do at home, called the local police so they'd come by with a slim jim and unlock it
These guys laughed and laughed
I guess my local police were a little more helpful than most
Fortunately it was a '76 Nova and I pried the window back and got a coat hanger in there

I went to get an extra key for a used vehicle I just bought, got only one with it
It's got a chip in it-hardware store can't copy it
If the hardware store could copy it, it'd be $1.49 for two
Dealer says $134
For one
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After showing them that I own the car, which was fun to do, because all of my info was in the car. They said that they needed something that had my VIN number on it like an insurance card. Most people keep their insurance card in the car.

Luckily, since my family and I have been dealing with a certain Toyota Dealership for the past 17 years and I also know 75% of the people who work there, it made it a bit easier to get a new key. When I have an opporunity to pay $5.00 for a key, vs probably a $100.00 bucks or more for a locksmith, I thought it would be foolish to call one.
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My girlfriend has an Infinity and her father has a Sequoia. Both of them have keys that have a chip on the inside of it and it's about $80.00 for a new key.

Kinda makes me happy I don't have a real expensive car.
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Yeah I wasn't too thrilled about that
It's a 6 year old cargo van ha ha
It does have those lock/unlock buttons on the arm rest and I'm just waiting...
I know it'll happen...in slow motion....you see it coming but it's too late....
"Ooooooh..." click/slam "... nooooooooooo!"
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Cargo Van, blah. I need one, but for the amount of times I'd use it, I just can't justify buying one at this point.

My Celica has 95,000 miles on it and I figure in about another year, I'll be due for another car. At that point or sooner is when I need to decide, with gas prices what they are, do I really want a cargo van as my main car.

Unfortunately, I wasn't born rich.
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That's funny cause I'm still keeping my '88 "TruckCorolla"
It get's 32mpg highway-and it has a carb!
People are amazed at what fits in these things
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I don't even want to tell you what I've had to haul in the back of my Celica.

People probably thought I was crazy or this guys too poor to buy a van. hahaha.

Hey, when times are tough, you have to do what you have to do.

When I do get a car, I'll want something nice. Unfortunately, in my business, people judge you by the car you drive too.
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Exclamation You need both keys

I have a Ford product which serves me great. But if you need an extra key, here is some bad news. You can purchase the key for $13. It has a chip in it and must be cut and "programmed" to match the profile of the car.

Here is the catch. In order to "open" the vehicle system to accept the 3rd or any subsequent key to the system, you must have two keys to the vehicle and go through a process to "open" the system using both keys. Then you can add the 3rd key or more. No dealer visit required.

With only one key, the system will not "open" to accept any more keys. The only way is to take it to the dealer and have them couple their diagnostic equipment to the vehicle and open it up to a new key. This is about a $335 charge.

The security thought there is that anyone might get a hold of the car and a single key. But only the rightful owner would have more than one key.

So get that 3rd, 4th, or 5th key purchased and introduced to the security system before you loose the 2nd key.
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I know just what that is like man. Years ago my dad and I went to the watter slides and when we came back we found out that we locked the keys inside and dad had to break open through the back window of the truck in order to get inside. Let this be a lesson to you.
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Okay guys, I'm the queen of locking myself out of my car and my husband is king of locking himself out of his truck. Thank goodness we don't have those keys with the computer chips in them!

How I fixed this problem: My DH has a spare key to his truck in his wallet, and I have a spare to my car in my wallet. He keeps his wallet in his back pocket so its always on him, and I won't leave my purse in the car for any length of time.

However...there are times that I run to the store on the corner with just keys, money and license in hand....thank goodness its right around the corner from the house and my SIL, son and husband have spares for my car! My mom even has a copy in case I lock myself out of my car while in Memphis.

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Originally Posted by kaybyrd
My DH has a spare key to his truck in his wallet,

I started doing this same thing several years ago because I was always locking my keys in the car. You know what though. Ever since I've carried a spare in my wallett I've never had to use it? Go figure.
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You know what mattison...? Neither have I. I've used my spare key when I can't find my keys (can't seem to put the down in the same spot twice), but don't remember having locked myself out.

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About a year ago, my wife was getting out of her car. She reached across to the passenger door, unlatched it, and set her keys in the passenger seat beside the heavy stack of stuff she was going to walk around the car to get.

She locks the doors (power locks), shuts the drivers door, and, as she walks around, some guy walks by and exclames "Oh, you left the door open" and slams the passenger door shut before she can say anything. What could she do? Guy's trying to be helpful. Thankfully, we had emergency roadside assistance through her cell phone (which was also, of course, in the car). She was able to call the assistance 800 # and a locksmith came and unlocked the car for her.

Two morals of this story:
1. NEVER sit your keys inside your car
2. When trying to be a gentleman, make SURE you are being helpful. lol

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