Looking for ideas to really show a girl you care


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Looking for ideas to really show a girl you care

I've been dating her for about 2 months and in this two months, she's been the most amazing person I've ever met. She is 50/50, even though she does like to get her way alot. "Go figure"

She has done things for me that have made me a better person already in the short amount of time that we've been dating. I do a lot of things for her "Home Improvement" wise to return her kind jestures and she says she really appreicates it.

EVen though I feel as thought I'm probbaly doing enough, I want to hammer it home how much I like her, even though she knows, but to do it, because what woman doesn't like a man to show her how much he cares.

Any ideas on what to do? I'll lead this off by saying she has a good, well paying job and could pay for most anything that she wants by herself.

So I'm looking for ideas that aren't the "So Ordionary" typicals like flowers sent to work,etc.

Any ideas?
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My wife loves it when I send her an e-card every once in a while. They have some great free ones on Hallmark's web site. Just send her one with a little personal message attached to it.

Even though it'll cost you nothing, it will let her know that you're thinking about her even when you're not together.
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just try telling her what you just said. gifts are nice, but hearing them words is a whole lot more.
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To expand on Tae's idea, how about saying, "Honey, let's go for coffee and talk".
Then, when you get there just say what you said above.

Women just love it when you say "lets talk".

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......especially when those words are, "here, let me get those dishes for you, hon. you go sit down & relax!"

but since you're not married yet, just file that one away for possible future use!!!
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I have to agree with all the above. Cost is of no consequence. It's those things that have no price that most women want. Compliments go a long way. She probably tries to look nice for you so let her know that you notice. Be SURE to notice any changes she makes in her looks. Women want a caring man. It costs nothing but goes a long way.
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aww! How sweet are you!

I reckon if you told her that you put in a post here, asking people to help you figure out something nice to do for her, she'd melt! A lot of men keep their emotions and feelings in check. What was said above is soo right, just tell her! But be careful with the tone of your voice! Saying ' I want to talk' in the wrong tone can have the oppostite effect and she might get her guard up. Yeah, I know, women are mad, I'm one of them so trust me!

Good luck with it
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Are you kidding me? You ruled out a sure fire, time tested option all ready. Send flowers to her office, $50 bucks should do it. Let all her friends see the courier walking thru all the offices, as eyes light up with anticipation, "...who is it for !!! ???...". Women faint and men cower down in guilt as the flowers pass each person. The office comes to a complete stop! All eyes are on the flowers. It's like saying 'I love you' in front of all her friends. Every body she works with will EACH talk directly to her about the flowers and say "who are the from?". She gets all the attention! And you just gave it to her.

So doing something special does not mean doing something out of the ordinary. Nothing beats sending flowers (except diamonds).

By the way, when you said, "..(you) ..want to hammer it home how much I like her...", I think I know what you are thinking. You ol' dog you.

I've build dog ramps for there arthritic dogs, and fixed there cars and performed feats of labor magic, but none have sparked a smile like the one I get after sending her flowers at the office. Send on Monday so she can display them and brag all week. (not a living plant either, get the kind that die in a week, to prove your love. Plants don't count for some reason? )
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Thanks for the idea lug, but she's had that done already. I'm looking for new and ingenious ways.
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I must be bored to sit here and ponder this, but what the hey. It sounds like a good cause and we've all been where your at, more than once, lol.

I hope it was you who sent her the flowers that you mention. Otherwise, here are some things I've tried (except the poem and song and sky writting). I don't recommend the last one listed.

Sing her a song.
Write her a poem.
Do wine and cheese and a chic flick movie at home.
Book a bed and breakfast weekend at a bed and breakfast
Buy her a professional massage coupon(s). Women really like that.
Cook an exoctic dinner for two, grilled salmon and snow peas.
Take her to a dress up social event, theater,etc. Puttin on the ritz.
Just take her out to a club and dance and music.
Be the host, throw a private party for her friends and yours.
Buy her diamond earrings.
Convert to her religion, (hey you said, not ordinary).
Send her a Hallmark card of special affection.
Sign up for dance classes and take her. Ballroom, pop, country, etc.
Make or buy her favorite dessert.
Sky writting messages ( that's not ordinary).
Buy her a gasoline can at a garage sale. No, don't, I did that. It back fired.

Just remember, if your not buying her diamonds, then its the thought that counts. Don't sweat the small stuff.
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Kind of offbeat, but one girl I knew would be ecstatic when I would buy her a pint of her favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's and a half pint bottle of her fave booze. She said that it helped a lot with her feeling depressed or sad. I always bought myself a half pint so that way she wouldn't feel like a lush for drinking alone.
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Make it your mission to listen. Really listen to her for one day and she will tell you what you need to know. All of us Women and Men wish for stuff. Things we want but don't get because we don't really need it or can't afford it. Maybe her wish is to meet some one or take a hot air balloon ride. I'll bet there's something that she wants and she will tell you if you just listen.
How will this tell her how much you care? Will it be the getting of the thing? Like diamonds? ....No if your smart about this and keep your mouth shut....I mean just get what you hear her wish for with out telling her in advance she will know you were listening....trust me if she just wistfully, wished for it and she knows she did not ask you for it, ..it will occur to her you were listening. And that's the gift. That you listened to her. That's what women what most from guys. If you can give her that she will know how much you care.

Now Lets Talk About me!!! LOL JK

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