Going in for a roto rooter job on my nasal cavity this Friday


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Going in for a roto rooter job on my nasal cavity this Friday

Well, Here is a wonderful story about our great medical field.

About 12 years ago, I had Re-Constructive Jaw Surgery. They had to wire my mouth shut for 7.5 weeks. Needless to say, I lost 28 lbs. Too bad I couldn't keep it off.

Well, at the same time, they noted that there were problems with my sinuses and nasal cavity. Nothing at the time, other than the Jaw Surgery, was done.

One day, while working for a cabinetmaker, I all of a sudden couldn't breathe. I had no idea why and was gasping for air. Since then, I've had problems breathing and my nose is/was always stuffed up.

I lived with it for several years, especially due to not having medical insurance. When I had some extra money, I went to my Dr. at the time and he gave me Flonase and had me try a few others, but since I didn't have insurance, there wasn't much else he could recommend, because the cost of the testing would have put me under.

I continued to be miserable for several years and about 3 years ago, I finally got health insurance again.

For the past 3 years, my Dr. has put me on several nasal and mouth inhalers and other tablets such as, Rhinoquart, Servent, Flonase, Atrovent, Nasaquart, Advair 150,250,500, Singluar, Zertec, and more. I can't even think of all the other names. After none of that was working, he sent me to an asthma specialist who sent me for several testing such as Sleep Apena, Methocoline Challange "To determine asthma", Stress test and other testing. After several Dr. visits, medications, co-pays for meds and Dr. visits, basically several hundred dollars, if not in the thousands, he "FINALLY" sends me to an ENT "Ear, Nose and Throat Dr.

Keeping in mind, that for the past 3 years I've been telling these doctors that I can't breathe and my nose is always stuffed up. When I would blow my nose, nothing would come out or if it did, I broke blood vessles and my nose would bleed. The nasal inhalers have destroyed my nasal cavity and dried it out so much that it would bleed whenever I would blow my nose normally. So at that point, I was bouncing back and forth on different nasal inhalers.

Now, to add to all of this, they did a "Scratch Test" which is to determine what I'm allergic too. There are 9 major things you can be allergic to and I'm allergic to 8 of them.

Now, finally after 3 years of constant testing, meds, Dr. visits, and a lot of money on my part, he finally sends me to the ENT. I wasn't in the ENT's office for more than litterly 10 mins! before he tells me, "The reason why you can't breathe is because you have a deviated septum and you need surgery. Along with that, basically comes a nose job too. "I'm deciding which star I want to look like" hahahaha. I shouldn't be laughing because it really pisses me off when I think of all the time I've wasted and for nothing other than for these "Bleep" doctors to make their revenue off of me. They could care less if I was waking up in the middle of the night and couldn't breathe at all several times. I honestly feel they just wanted to make their money.

So now, with the surgery on Friday, they have to take bone out, decrease this one area on both sides of my nose that is enlarged and blocking passages and also clean out my sinuses above my cheak bones.

I'll be out of work for a week, but if it truly means I can breathe again, it will be worth it. I haven't been able to smell the fresh air for I couldn't tell you how many years. So I guess I have something to look forward too.

Ps. For whatever reason, he's been holding off on giving me allergy shots, but you can bet your bottom dollar, the next visit I go to, he's putting me on the shots.

Learn from my experience, because I wish I would have demanded to go to an ENT sooner.
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I was afraid this post was going to be medical hence doomed to health and fitness, "not that that is a bad place" but it deffinitly ranks as a "whine"

I feel for you. My mother , brother, and myself have a disorder call "Hereditary Angio Edema" what happens out of the blue your hands or feet or face or colon can just swell up for no real reason. Mine was usually my hands, feet, or colon. You talk about pain. For years I would go to doctors and emergency rooms being mis-diagnosed. One ER doctor even said he could see where I was bit on the wrist by a spider and that's why I was swelled up. Finally an allergy doctor diagnosed my mother and we are on medication that keeps it under control.

I am usually amazed at the medical field and what they can diagnose but sometimes it seems as if they just give out stethoscopes for free.
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I really think I was put through the runners for real this time

There was no reason to put me through all of that and to FINALLY send me to an ENT. I guess I was so excited when I heard this or that Doctor say that the meds they're giving me should really help, and it never did. A lot of false hope.

I really would like to go to each and every doctor that I saw and give them a piece of my mind, but when it comes down to it, it's not worth the aggervation. I just hope others will learn from my suffering/experience.
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Reminds me of the old joke:
Question: What do you call a guy who came in last in his class at medical shool?
Answer: Doctor

Sorry you suffered so long before they figured it out
I'm sure the surgery will help
It did wonders for my sister

PS Wait till after you're healed to start the allergy shots
They can definately make the symtoms worse at first, especially until they figure out what really is a good level of stuff to shoot you up with
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I have heard a lot of good things about the surgery. A few people said it came back to them after a few years. He's doing 3 procedures, so hopefully he'll find EVERYTHING that is wrong with my breathing.

6am Friday morning they're going to rod out my nose. LoLz
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good luck, Mike. not to scare you, but my husband had similar surgery, and he felt like they'd carved his whole head out like a pumpkin - and he didn't even have the sinus surgery. but he had a few other things done - he had his tonsils & adenoids removed, his soft palate & uvula lasered out, his deviated septum fixed, and some nasal polyps removed, all at the same time. the only thing they didn't do was the sinus surgery. he did all this because of snoring (& very mild sleep apnea). he elected to not do the sinus stuff because the risk is so high when messing around near the sinuses (they're really close to the brain, i guess). so we left that as a last resort if all the other stuff didn't cure it, which it did, thankfully. so, good luck. hope it goes well & you recover quickly.
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Thanks Annette.

It's my last resort. After being on several medications, nasal and mouth inhalers and tablets by mouth, I've come to my final hope. They have put me on so much medication that I'm quiet sure it's done some internal damage. He said, one of the risks from the surgery is that I could end up with a hole in my nose where it divides my right and left nostril.

At this point of not being able to breathe properly for 12 years, the whole ordeal is something to look forward too.

I only hope that they don't grab someone elses paperwork and I come out a girl. Hahaha.
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Originally Posted by Sawdustguy

I only hope that they don't grab someone elses paperwork and I come out a girl. Hahaha.
Let's hope not
Good luck tomorrow!
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Well all, the next time that I post, I'll be a new person. Well, my nose that is! hahaha.

Process of everything will start at 6 am and go to about 12 pm. I'll probably be pretty whiped out, but I enjoy this site so much that I'll probably make it a point to post tomm some time.

G'night all, well, at least for me!

Bottoms up! And heck, if the procedure doesn't fix my nose, I can always try this....
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Ya, good luck eh!

If they do/did happen to grab the wrong paperwork then at least you won't have to worry about that other thread you have going.

Good luck!

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I only hope that they don't grab someone elses paperwork and I come out a girl.
well, at least those long 'n lovely nails will finally be appropriate!!!

HA! just kidding ya!!!
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GOOD LUCK WITH THE SURGERY!!! DO NOT USE Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon for your new nose.

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