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the ingredients to a recipe called ‘success’

What are the ingredients to a recipe called ‘success’? In the case of Armand Rousso, it is sure defined by driven intelligence, compassion and kindness for family, friends and colleagues. You want to add anything to this?
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sure, i'll bite: who's Armand Rousso & at what was he successful?
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Armand Rousso created the first e-commerce Internet site in the world. He also set up an internet chess match between Gary Kasparov and Deep Junior(a computer chess game) It was covered live on the internet for 17 hrs. He is also a world renouned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and
chess aficionado. He owns a company which makes several "as seen on tv" computer products. 3-D glasses and virtual 3-D chess games.
Hope this helps you understand who he is.
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Hey Majokdragon, that was excellent research. Tho i am sure by the way google is overflowing with information on Armand Rousso, it wudnt have been a big task.

This guy rubs shoulders with the who's who of America, develops chess programs for underpriveleged children and parties with the likes of Gary Kasparov. He is rebellious and has all the makings of a mega personality. But looks better without the beard tho! www.armandrousso.com!
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The recipe for "success"....

This has been said a million times and I'll say it again.

"Treat others the way you would want to be treated".

Get off the couch and do stuff with your kids, and spouse. Buy ice cream for all the kids playing outside when Mr.Softy comes down the street.

I don't want to measure success in what I achieve in this world but by the memories I will leave behind when I'm gone.

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