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Quick Question

Delete this question if it doesn't belong here or in the forum at all.

I just recently took a notion to explore Ebay.....from the buying/selling point of view.

I don't plan on large purchases.....but I thought if others could give me insight......it would be appreciated.

I made my first purchase today......whooppeeee! Spent all of $12.

I notice that as soon as I place a bid.....it is almost automatic that the games begin by another bidder......which has to be computer generated to produce higher returns.

I know you learn from your mistakes the best; I don't plan on anything expensive or high risk taking...........but there are some really good items that seem priced fair with the shipping costs included as the total picture combined.

I also plan on selling some items that might or might not make much.......but if someone can sell an 8 year old used water heater for $5 in Los Angeles........I figure I can sell some of my junk for chits and giggles too.
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What happens when you bid, you bid the highest that you choose to pay. Others do the same. Say, if you bid $25 on an item, and someone has already bid $50, then the highest bidder is still the highest bidder, but the current bid price is only raised by increments. These are usually between $1 and $2.50 (depending greatly upon the price of the item and the sellers choice).

Another example would be if I bid $100 on an item that has no bids. The starting bid is set at $2.50. The opening bid would be $2.50. Then someone else might come in and bid (within the $2.50 increments) $10 on the item. Well, my 'top' bid or willing to pay price is well over that, but eBay will only automatically put my bid at $7.50 (my original $2.50 starting bid, the next guys $2.50 bid, plus my new automatically done bid of $2.50). This will continue on until someone outbids my topping bid of $100. However, if the next bidder sets their highest bid at $50 (not $5.00), then it would have my bid at $2.50 over their bid.

I hope that makes sense. So, when bidding on anything be sure to start by bidding the absolute highest you are willing to bid on something.

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This sounds like perfect GREEK to me. Whats worse is that I do not speak Greek.
Seems to me that even if the guy is only asking $5 and he gets a bid of $100, the $100 bid should come up. Seems like a waste of time and energy, not to mention frustration since you have no idea if you should then bid more.

One more explanation.
If you bid $100 and the highest showing bid is $10, you have the highest initial bid of $100 at the bid closing. Do you get the item for $10 or $100
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When you are the seller you start with and opening bid of say $1.00. When you are the buyer eBay is set up to automatically bid for you. So if you want the $1.00 item and you are willing to pay $10.00 for it, that's what you bid. eBay will show that a bid was made and it may have taken it up to $1.50. Then if someone bids say $5.00 it will tell that person automatically they were outbid and the price will then be like $5.50. If no one else bids then that's what you pay.

When I want something I just add it to my watched items and wait to bid until the last minute. Never buy off of anyone with a rating under about 95% and read their negative feed backs to see if you want to buy from them at all. If you are selling do some research and see what simular stuff is selling for. It may be something that wont be worth listing. Also think hard before selling anything outside the states or buying from outside the states because that can really cost in shipping and taxes.
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Smile Good advice Kay.

Kay makes some excellent points.

E-Bay has a-lot of info so work slow & read their informationals there free & you can learn a lot. Well good luck on your sales it is a great way to sell off things you don't need & buy some great bargins for yourself.

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