Lady who called 911 and said she was kidnapped


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Lady who called 911 and said she was kidnapped

I have to ask, what the heck is wrong with people this day in age. Are that many people so starved for love, attention and affection that they go to the extreme to get it? I say, "Press charges against her and maybe some day people will learn from it" What a waste of time.
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i don't think she did it for attention, i think she did it as an excuse to leave him at the alter! (are we talking about the same gal?) the story i read said that she'd gotten cold feet & so she just ran away. then she made up the story about being kidnapped to cover herself, instead of just admitting that she'd changed her mind about the wedding. either way it's pitiful, immature & selfish. she could've saved all those people a lot of time for the trouble of looking for her.
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Yeah, got cold feet and ran away from a wedding with about 600 invited guests and enough bridesmaids and groomsmen to field a football team. Anybody want to wager there was an overbearing mother or mother-in-law involved in the wedding planning. At least it isn't wasting newspaper space now, but you can bet she'll be on every talk show on the planet and will have a book deal by the end of the week.

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