Politics ???


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Politics ???

Just read on Yahoo that the House is trying to pass a bill concerning Social Security. I have a problem with the fact that we are told that the program is going insolvent BUT the government takes all the surplus that is not needed now for benefit payments and uses them as they see fit, such as the war in Iraq and tax cuts. I am NOT politically knowledgeable. I don't vote by Party lines. I am beginning to realize that people don't comprehend figures with more than 3 zeros behind them. Talk Billions and it seems to lose effect. If you are under 55 years old, it's time to start following the politics that will rule your life when you retire.(if you can afford to). Next year the Government will spend the 84.5 BILLION dollars that it doesn't need for the benefits paid out in SS. It's bad enough that we had NAFTA ship lots of U.S. jobs overseas, now we have CAFTA that will take even more jobs. The President says it is good for workers. WHO'S workers?
Here is the article.


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amen. use to be republican, now i can't stand either side. both of them are crooked.
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The Good, Bad, & the Ugly

Social Security Reform: Answers to Key Questions
Our Nation's Fiscal Outlook: The Federal Government's
Long-Term Budget Imbalance

H. J. RES. 47



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After seeing the way our government runs the war on drugs, I find it amazing that people still trust social (in)security. Kind of makes me want to find an under the table job so I do not have to worry about it and do my own retirement planning.

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