Teen/College Stress (I'm sure you all love to hear it)


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Teen/College Stress (I'm sure you all love to hear it)

I remember the times when summer was nice and relaxing... what happened to that? Now, it seems like we're all growing up too fast and responsibilities are flying out of nowhere just to spite us. I'm 18 and going to college in two weeks and five days. I choose this time to start feeling like I don't want to leave anymore. The fact that it's 12:51 AM and I registered and am giving out advice on doityourself.com is a sign (although I find these forums to be great!). Not to mention I'm coming to the realization that I will be paying off student loans for the rest of my life. I'm just feeling overwhelmed, I suppose. Like every other teenager, I am not the best when it comes to communicating with my mom and I hate having to worry her with financial stuff so I like to take care of that by myself. Sometimes everything just seems endless and tiring. I really miss the small town girl feeling of wanting to go out and see the world instead of this fear of experiencing something new all by myself.
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You've probably been told this a million times by the older generation but I'll say it again. It's tough leaving home for the 1st time but if I had it to do over instead of spending my college money on a fast car and an apartment I sure wish I would have went to college. Take every advantage you can now of education because the older you get and the more your life gets filled up with stuff that takes priority over everything else there's never any time to go back to school. Then the next thing you know you're a married parent with a mortgage trying to go to night school while holding down a full time job. You talk about stress that's stress.

If you want your mom to be proud? Go to college, get that degree, get out in the world and do something meaningfull. Then take mom on a trip.
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instead of this fear of experiencing something new all by myself.
all by yourself??? so.......no other Freshmen at this school? BUMMER!

you're not by yourself (as is evident by your other post saying you & your friends were throwing a big masquerade ball for yourselves & all your friends going off to college) and you won't be by yourself, if you get involved in groups & activities on campus and reach out to others - make friends (if you're not actually going there with a friend).

here are some tips: DO NOT hole up in your room, or keep to yourself, or only hang around with kids you know from your home town, or go home every weekend. if you do any of these things, you will never truly experience college & campus life. also, get a job! if you don't work and only go to class, you will have waaaaay too much time on your hands and that can be a bad thing!! plus, by working, especially if it's in a new town, that'll be a great way to instantly meet people. also, by working, you'll be forced to have to manage your time better & may actually do better in school.

you're just scared & nervous now, but you'll be fine. many have been there & done that! don't think of it as scary, think of it as EXCITING!!!!
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The idea of "change" is what is causing the feelings you are having. Fear of the unknown. You are worrying about bills you haven't even made yet. Make the best of the situation. Write out a list of where you want to be in a couple years. Get a job and put away part of the money to help with future bills you will have. Enjoy life as it comes. Don't worry about it but be prepared for the up's and downs life will bring. A college degree is something you will HAVE to get to be employed in the future. That piece of paper you receive at graduation will be your key to your future. You can KNOW how to do many things but the paper will get you hired. Chill out and go with the flow. You cannot prevent some things from happening but you can learn to accept them and be ready to handle them. Best of luck.
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rhsjess, I'm sorry that your summer went by a little too fast.

When I started college I was terrified! I didn't know if I would be able to find my classes, get along with other students, would the kids that had already attended college send me to the wrong place if I asked, how was I going to pay for everything, could I keep up with the assignments...list goes on and on.

I almost chickened out, and am so glad that I didn't. I'm a sophomore this year, woohoo! I did take the summer off because I needed a break, but now I'm itching to get back into class in a few weeks. Like was mentioned in a previous post, what your feeling is real but is based on facing the unknown. After the first few days, and especially after the first few weeks you'll settle into the routine and realize that 'hey, we can do this and quite well!'

Just remember to keep that level head you've got on your shoulders and keep making choices that you know you can live with and you will be fine.

Please post back and let us know how your college adventures are going! I for one would love to hear about them!


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