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Exclamation Inspectors & Permits

Gotta love this bit in the now never-ending saga of my ac/furnace replacement. I mentioned about a permit for the work to the guy at the company and he said, "sure, we'll get you one, but after the work is done. If we get one pulled before the work is done, the inspector will ding us for what we haven't done yet, then charge us again to come back out afterwards."

Sounded a bit odd to me so, while I was talking with the Contractors State License Board regarding the other contractor (who I've now filed on) they mentioned that the permit should be pulled before any work is done. So I called the city office for code & building safety and they said the same thing - permit first, then work - and that they will come out as often as necessary during the job. So I tell the company that I want a permit pulled now, and the inspector to come out - and they respond with "Well, we just don't know when we'll be able to get out and finish off the job - it could be two or three weeks." So the installer was supposed to finish everything but hooking up the AC line to the coil (as this is what we have the issue with). The installer and I both want to punch a 1-1/2" to 2" hole through what appears to be the main load-bearing beam the runs across the front of the house (it's either 2-2x12s or 1-4x12, bracketed top and bottom by 2x4s). As a layman, I can't see a small hole like that damaging the structural integrity of the beam, but I need an inspector to give the okay on it. Otherwise, we have to route the tubing down under, around, and up from the lip - not only a pain in the butt, but more unsightly than the proposed alternative.

Since the installer didn'tt bother to finish off installing the furnace, we'll see how much they want to try and delay completion.

--- Dragon77
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Can't you just pull the permit yourself and wait a few days and have him come out?? Around here homeowners pull permits all the time for contracted work.
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Yes, I certainly could have - but I was told (by the city's chief engineer) that the contractor should have done this before they started any work at all.

When I reinforce my patio cover to convert it into a sun deck, I will take care of all the permits myself, but in this case (IMHO) the contractor should have done it to begin with, I should never have had to ask about it - I know that Home Depot took care of all the permitting when I had them install my replacement water heater earlier this year.

--- Dragon77
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Yeah, it's SOP to pull permits before any work is done
Some localities it must be by the actual contractor, some places allow permit runners
IMO proper permits are the contractor's responsibility
It is also the law around here
(Which is probably why the actual contractor must pull the permits in some places)
Good luck
Keep us posted
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Your contractors answer that "they'll ding us for what we haven't done yet" does not hold water. Inspectors are not called before the job is complete. AND the contractor (or permit holder) is the one that calls them. Guess that should have sent up a warning signal.

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