the "search" option


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the "search" option

Has anyone besides me noticed that the "search" option here on the website is really worthless? I can remember EXACT words that were used in past posts, and still not be able to use the search engine to find them. Does the search engine only search past archives, and not topics in the current or past year?

If I want to find something on the site here, I have to use Google. I'm not complaining, just wondering if anyone else has had the same problems, or if something can be done about it.
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The answer to this question that I have seen posted is that the search feature was taking up too much band width so was "temporarily" put out of service. No idea when or if it will return.
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I did a search on your question...No threads yet...but ill let you know
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my search showed several, but here is the answer, from david, the founder:

Why do we block this type of search? Info Requested!
The reason we had to turn off the search of the database is because of the number of simultaneous visitors using it. These forums are running on two dual processing machines, BUT since we have expanded to over 100 Forums and about 3/4 of a million posts, allowing a few hundred people at once to search created lag time. We have had over 2,000 visitors on the site at the same time...

The Keyword search on top can actually search over 6,000 professionally edited articles covering a great many topics in step by step detail. Simply use the option to search the entire website.

Should we request articles from visitors to further expand the content? Should prizes be awarded based on visitors judging the entries?

I will look into further beefing up the forums, BUT EVEN IF WE CAN, ONLY REGISTERED USERS WITH VERIFYABLE EMAIL and IP ADDRESSES can be given search access. Open access to search by member has in the past lead to some abuses...
M. David Goldsholle - Founder and President -

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