Hurricane predictions [contains personal opinions only]


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Hurricane predictions [contains personal opinions only]

Been pretty boring in the Chats & Whines lately, so here goes:

If Rita gets to any significant force and makes landfall in Texas, I predict:

(a) Certain segments of society will be thinking (and you'll probably even see them saying) that they hope Texas gets it as bad as Louisiana so that George Bush can see how it feels.

(b) When the disaster relief gets in gear faster in Texas (because of better planning and execution of evacuation & recovery plans) the same segment will be shooting its collective mouths off that it is proof positive that George Bush is a racist and was trying to let as many blacks as possible die in Louisiana.
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Rita worries me - gas prices are apt to rise again. IMO the biggest problem with Katrina and New Orleans is the fact that N.O. is below sea level. I used to live in fla and have been in several minor hurricanes and on the outskirts of a few big ones. The storms hit, tear stuff up and leave. In New Orleans the problems didn't really start until a day to so after the storm left. I don't think anyone anticipated it. I don't think race or wealth had anything to do with the response although I expect more would have left the area had they had the means. I saw an idiot on TV who said it was ok for poor people to loot. They needed to steal big screen TV's so they could trade them for food. I can understand desperate people doing things to obtain food and water but give me a break!

According to the news I'm a minority - although I won't say George II is the best president in my life time he sure beats the one he replaced
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Turn this thread

Over and over: it's the "Presidents" fault (pick any one of them). It's "them", not US. These tires have been retreated many times! The lesson is, it's not the tires fault.

Mankinds best

Personally, I would like to thank each, and everyone, across the World for reaching out in Americas' hour of need. I am a greatful witness of the generosity of the Human Sprit.

Thank you,
On behalf of us all, may you and yours walk forever into the light.

To those whom have given themselves away in these hours.

The commonplace and ordinary,
how well they blend.
Fools gold, some laugh over fools gold.

You have enriched us all.
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I predict the Hurricanes will win by a field goal
But hockey's not really my sport
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Fasten your seat belts, Texas; it's gonna be a bumpy week.......

Side note to whichever Mod added the addendum to my original thread title - there are posts in Chats & Whines that AREN'T personal opinion??? Thought that was the whole point here.....

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"Personal opinions only" is a site liability thing, in case a poster urges, "OK everybody, make for the eye of the hurricane, the safest spot, and DIY!" or simply gave fatal advice on which road to take.

I do think this DIY approach to evacuation (anarchy) needs reevaluation. Evacuation and shelter centres needn't cost much as they use existing buildings, like schools. Throw in a pole mounted P.A. for each thousand inhabitants, and you've got instant civil command and control. From there people could organise carpooling, supply sharing, register their routes, etc. Add census data to this, no one gets left behind.
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Trying to get out of town ahead of the storm on those interstates could NOT have been fun from all the video I've seen. Price we pay for being a "coastal" society I suppose.

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