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Movie Recommendation

Hey, if anyone needs a recommendation for a good movie to see, try "Just Like Heaven". Took the Mrs._Tow_Guy out to see it tonight and it was definitely worth the ticket price.
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Thumbs down here's one NOT to see....

good to know there's at least one good one out there!

my mom & i took my 2 kids, ages 6 & 3, to see March of the Penguins. i bawled my eyes out the entire time! they made it out to be this warm & fuzzy family film about sweet, fat, funny adult & baby penguins doing cute things, like tripping & sliding around on the snow & ice. i figured it was a STORY with a story LINE. you know, once upon a time there was this family of penguins, etc. NO!! it was a narrated documentary (what could be more boring for small kids) about the harsh & brutal life of penguins. how they have to trek some 60 odd miles in 30 degree below 0 weather (or was it 100 below?) to a remote spot where they pair up & mate (some die along the way), and wait for the egg to appear (some eggs die). then the mommies go back 60 miles to where they came from so they can eat (some die along the way - some get eaten by seals when they get there), leaving the daddies there (who haven't eaten since they left the original spot) to care for the eggs til they hatch (some daddies die, some eggs freeze, some babies get the picture). then the mommies return (s.d.a.t.w.) to their babies (if they haven't already died) then eventually they all return together to the original spot so that some predetory birds can come along & kill some of the babies.




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My buddy was on a first date this weekend and he let the girl choose the movie. She chose "Just Like Heaven" and he cringed at the thought of this being just another "chick flick". He said it was a surprisingly good movie and enjoyed it. My wife has been bugging me to see it so at least I know have two good reviews to go by!
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old black & white, "the bad seed"
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Chicken Little

so cute! I really don't care for cartoons but my son wanted to see this so me and my boyfriend took him. I tried to sway him over to something else, but he said, "mom, you'll laugh...I's funny". and, it was... My boyfriend and I liked it.
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"Serenity" was based on the cancelled TV seireis "FIrefly". I wasn't sure what to think of the movie, but a friend dragged me and I liked it a lot better than I thought it would.
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Thanks for the reccomendation, I will make sure to see that movie ASAP!

So March OF The Penguins was a real downer ha? Thats why you should watch Ebert & Roaper before you go see a movie!

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