when it's foggy, turn on your headlights!


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when it's foggy, turn on your headlights!

Two mornings this week, it was incredibly foggy, which is unusual here. it was so foggy that you couldn't see a thing up ahead except for the car immediately ahead of you. i couldn't believe the number of cars without their headlights on. i'm sure they were thinking to themselves, "i don't need to turn on my headlights because it won't help ME see the road or anything any better." obviously, these dumbbells don't realize, the purpose of headlights in this situation is so that OTHER CARS can see THEM!


this might even be a LAW.......i'm not sure though.

thank you!

P.S. when a car flashes their lights at you, they're trying to tell you something!!!! think about what that might be!!
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WHAT turn on my headlights in the fog - uncoming traffic might see me
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Override Your Headlights In The Fog

I thought i would make a interesting point to the issue of rain and fog vs. headlights. alot of the new cars have "automatic" headlights. The vehicle has a sensor that detcets light. people think the car turn them on automatically,WRONG. DRL's (daytime running lights) do not turn on your taillights(red in back of car) On all cars there is still a override switch. you just have to find it.

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In my state the law is, if your wipers are on, your headlights must be on

Related Rant:
And when it's not foggy, TURN OFF YOUR FOGLIGHTS!
Yes, I know YOU can see better, but they are killing me
I now call them "FOrGet-me-LIGHTS"
And they come with the Arrrggh you're blinding me swerve
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We ought to have a law like that. Its very dangerous when you're following a semi and you can't see past the cloud of spray behind him and you don't want to follow him anymore, but you also don't want to pass because of the oncoming traffic that might not have their lights on in the rain.

Good rant, I agree completely.
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Thought I was the only "turn your damn headlights on when it's raining, you moron" fanatic. Amazing how many people think nothing of driving with no lights when the visibility is about 50 feet in pouring rain (an every afternoon occurence around here in the summer). Don't know why the feds (although I'm no fan of government dictates) haven't decreed that the automakers install means whereby when you turn the wipers on (for longer than a single swipe or a few when using the washer), the headlights come on.

At least as many, and probably more, people who don't seem to know that that FIRST click on the light switch is the "PARKING LIGHTS"!!! "PARKING", GET IT???? Not DRIVING!!!
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Possible solution to the driving situation with the parking/running lights on only, when driving lights should be on.

The dash board lights come on when the running lights or parking lights, (whichever term is used) is turned on. If the dash lights ONLY came on when the drive lights where on, it's possible more drivers would know the headlights (driving lights) where turned off and only the parking/running lights where on.

Of course, this theroy is making the assumption all drivers are even paying frequent if any attention to the dashboard. Evidence proves otherwise during dark hours.

Examples of non attention to dashboard lights & gauges:
After fueling up in a gasoline station during non daylight hours.
Drivers have no clue the headlights are off.
When engine temps rise to the point of overheating. Engine overheats and mechanical damage occurs. Lack of attention to the gauges. Tow drivers and mechanics love it..... drivers hate it.....

Often times some drivers exist the fuel/gasoline station and drive for miles with no lights on or only parking/running lights on. A sure indication such drivers are not paying attention to switch positions, dashboard lights (being on or off!) or their ability to see where they are going. They are, during this time, depending upon road or street lighting only to see where they are going and not paying any attention to vehicle light settings.

Changing the time when dashboard lights turn on may help but likely will not reduce totally the unsafe condition of driving without head lights or any variation of such.

There is no system presently available or one which vehicle manufacturers are willing to install without added costs or being forced to by some law, etc. that can fully replace driver attentiveness.

"My Two Cents." .......

Safety Reminder:
Buckle Up, Drive Safely & Drive Defensively.
"The Life You Save, May Be Your Own."

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