Work people who talk to much


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Work people who talk to much

Some people at work talk to much about what they are doing, when no one much work they have to do, when no one cares...why they do what they do fully explained, when no one cares....and THEN complain about how much more time they wish they had to finish their work!!!

This has been driving me crazy for the last couple weeks and I don't know how to tell these people to shut a nice, loving, caring way. Guess there's no way in doing that.

But with all said and done...I feel better now..
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I would have to ask if they ever kept track of their working time and knew how much time they actually spent WORKING. Unless they have an unusual amount of breaks, they wouldn't have time to complain about it.
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I'm retired now but I think I used to work with your fellow employees. When I was young it really bothered me that someone would talk non stop and distract me from my work. As I got older and my body got wore out I started to welcome the conversation - I needed to take a break anyway
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LOL... when I was younger, I worked at a grocery store and there was this woman who would yack and yack and yack, telling you her life story like you really cared. She was a nice person but she talked non-stop. What really drove me nuts was when she would stop working because she was really getting into telling me her story. Trying to be industrious, I'd keep working... maybe carrying a case into the next aisle, and she'd just keep on talking and talking, even though no one was there anymore to hear her. Looking back on that, I think she was just a little bit nuts.

However, I've learned that some people just like to talk. My wife, for example. Strangely enough, she doesn't have anything to say to me when we're driving in the car... but this past weekend, in the car with a couple we know... she talked nonstop with my friend's wife the entire way home. 1 solid hour of yacking about you name it. Needless to say, I just kept my mouth shut the whole time because they weren't talking to me. I wouldn't have been able to get a word in edge-wise anyway.
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LOL, that reminds me of a story my nephew told me. My nephew's wife is a non-stop talker. They were planning a trip up north with another couple and Mark suggested to his wife that maybe she shouldn't talk so much!

In the words of Marlin Perkins, "Sadly, there can be but one outcome". From the way he told it, it wasn't pretty

He's smarter now.

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Originally Posted by Bruce H
Mark suggested to his wife that maybe she shouldn't talk so much!

That's about as smart as telling her that maybe she should shed a few pounds.

I always have to enjoy the "know it all" it seems there is not one thing on earth this person don't know more than everyone else about a given subject.
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LOL! U guys are too much! Are women the only ones that talk nonstop? Just made that comment cuz I'm a woman...
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Press the Ignore button, you being so nice and listening allows this happen. I find people that have the describe conversations feel insecure or what ever other "adjective" one would use. As a manager I would be furious to see one
wasting their time along with wasting another employee's. I dislike hurting anyone's feelings, but I also would like to keep my job!
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I agree with rentem in that the recipient of the unwelcome chatter is equally guilty for being unable to tactfully end it.
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I work in crews at some of the contract jobs and its nice to be able to talk to a person...if you can maintain the level of work. Working 100% of the time doing mind numbing work that is repetitive gets old. Plus working 12-18 hour days 6 days a week....Conversation is welcomed

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