What's in your purse besides the usual ladies?


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What's in your purse besides the usual ladies?

..oh! and gentlemen too if ya got those man purse things

Bored at work and decided to clean out my purse after a year!


3 lighters (never find any of 'em when swaddle my hand in there so I could smoke)

$9.87 in change! whoooohoooo! I'm rich!

5 pens!...thot I only had 1...

One of my son's wheels for his heely's

Son's lego man's helmet

lots of wrappers from gum


And now I know why my purse never seemed big enough.
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Originally Posted by DIYADDICT
5 pens!...thot I only had 1...

That's exactly why I never have a pen at home when I need it. She will pick up one of my pens and use it then it is magically gone.

See you're letting out women secrets.
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a tiny 3' tape measure and swatches of every wallpaper used in my house, plus paint chips, a formica sample, and a wood blind sample. all neatly bundled together with a rubber band.

makes shopping so much more pleasant when you don't have to wonder if something you've found will or won't work in your home!!!
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whoops! hahaha...it's a good thing I'm single so I can only blame myself. But these pens are from work...don't tell my boss cuz I always end up having him buy more pens when we get office supplies...he may wonder what happened! BTW...I put the pens back in the house.


U must have a BIG purse! Actually, that's pretty smart of you tho!
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I carry a tool bag as a briefcase and here's what I found:

The usual wallet, cash, checkbook, keys and cell phone
Pen and pencil
A book my boss has me reading
My USB Flashdrive
A smaller tool bag with tools in it (knife, screwdrivers, pliers, ...)

Didn't seem too exciting to me.

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