Cell Phone Trap


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Cell Phone Trap

I would like advice after I get thru complaining. I have contract with AT&T, now Cingular, that's up in April 2006. I have been a good customer since 2000, when my sons were born. (No way I could have kids and no cell phones) Since the great merge, my service has been degraded on both phones. This began on October 7th when I noticed my phone said "ROAM" instead of "Shared" as usual. I have to leave my house and walk outside to pick up enough signal to make a call. And since we don't have "area-wide" calling where I live, EVERY call I make out of a 10 mile radius is LONG DISTANCE. After several lengthy calls to Cingular, all they will tell me is that I need to upgrade to new GSM phones free! and a new contract that will cost me $10 more per month. I tell them I cannot afford the new plan and they tell me I have no other option. Every phone call ends with "We appreciate your business". I'm mad as hell and no one seems to care whether I remain a customer or not. I don't need a fancy phone, or 900 minutes!! WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS NECESSARY EVIL CALLED WIRELESS?????
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In MY OPINION, if you have a contract, it goes both ways. They should not be able to change anything that you originally had (service of any type) or they are in breach of contract. This SHOULD allow you to switch vendors. Good luck.
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I have been a good customer since 2000, when my sons were born. (No way I could have kids and no cell phones)

why not?

are your 5 year old boys carrying around cell phones?

what do you need a cell phone for? get rid of it. i have one for emergencies (car trouble, etc), but i never use it. why are people using cell phones so much? i have a 3 and 6 year old. i'm either at work (where there are phones) or at home (where there's a phone) or shopping (where there are pay phones, but i'll be home soon!)

so.......what's the deal? i don't get it. what's so important it can't wait til you're where there's a phone?

cell phones are not a necessity.
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Cingular .... Raising the bar.... FOR DEAD ZONES!!!!!!

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