Enough, let a pro do it answers


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Enough, let a pro do it answers


If you feel you must reply saying "let a pro do it" please at least point the poster to a place where someone will tell them how to do it.

For one thing money may be a MAJOR issue to the poster. And some people can do a great job with out the right tools and with out being a pro.

Please when someone asks "how do I " as long as doing it is not going to kill them or others; why not actually tell them how one might go about it?

< /rant>
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If a job can be done by a DIYer instead of requiring a pro, we'll tell you that. The problem is, not all jobs can be and sometimes the individual asking the question is simply not up to the task.

Let me give you an example that I've seen several times in the forums:
A person wants to know how to clean up their home after a fire. The pros have specialized equipment and supplies needed for this job, a DIYer is just not going to get good results. In each case, I've steered the person to ask their local fire department for a list of companies doing such work in their area.

I understand your frustration, but the person who is replying "let a pro do it" is giving the advice they think best suits the situation. If you have a way that the DIYer can pull it off by themselves, please respond with that information and we'll all be smarter for it.
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enough with "let a pro do it"? i don't see that reply being posted very often, and never in response to a question of yours. can you provide a link to some of these threads? in which topic are you seeing this the most?
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I have seen a couple of the answers that you are referring to. Thats why I suggest checking posts often. Many people here to answer questions and all have more ideas.
I only suggest that a member have a Pro do it when it concerns Safety issues or legalities (AC work). I try my best to give the member all the angles of the job he wants to do....good and bad. Since we are from all over the world, I also tell them to check local codes.
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Money is always an issue. Sometimes tool rental is more costly than a pro's fee. Sometimes when a poster replies call a pro, its in your best financial interest.
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and sometimes it's just the smart thing to say,like when you told a poster who was going to buy a house that they were a fool not to have a lawyer(the pro) look over everything. just like i tell people in the computer forum NOT to try to fix a monitor themselves. if they don't know enough to do it already, i dont want to be responsible when they electricute themselves. Sometimes, the pro's should do it!
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Thumbs up Best Left To The Pros Is Appropriate In Some Cases

Asbestos removal is another area of service best left to the "PROS." Even heating companies refer their customers to the specialists dealing strickly with asbestos before an installation of a new heater or to replace an older unit. The task is jobbed out to other professionals whom know how to handle this hazardous material and do so by law.

Asbestos is certainly not a do it yourself project or task. Besides being against the federal law to dispose of the hazardous material in landfills along with normal household trash, untrained and unlicensed persons are not allow by law to do anything with asbestos but call for professional services, etc.

Another example requiring a professional is charging and or rechanging refrigeration and or air conditioning units. Both governed by strict federal laws that require licensed professionals only to do the job.

In all cases and instances mentioned above in this reply and in the posted replies above, it is required to hire a pro and our diy policy to refer members to hire a pro.

Same applies to most electronic equipment and some electrical work. TV's, Microwave ovens, monitors and even electrical main panels, etc. are all often best left to the PROS. Any can be highly dangerous and or deadly to a do it yourself person without the proper training, experience, tools, skills and knowledge, etc. Some repairs are "Best left to the Pros."

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