mini Christmas hazard??


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Question mini Christmas hazard??

is there really any chance that those tiny mini lights on an artificial tree could cause a fire? they don't really even get hot!?

also - outdoor Christmas lights on the house: turn 'em off when you go to bed, or leave 'em on all night??? general concensus?

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I had an artificial tree last year and it was good to go for the mini's.

I turn my outdoor lights off before I go to bed-for energy saving and less stress on self (so I don't worry about a fire or anything else of the sort).
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The fire hazard is probably more due to the possibility of a short than the heat of the bulbs - negligible, but better safe than sorry.

I'm a total scrooge and refuse to put up lights (yet my wife still stays with me), but my parents put their's on a timer and have them go off around 11 pm.
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I think there's more danger with a real tree and I use them every year. Never even thought about the fire issue cause we watered a lot and shut it off at night.

There are very few things in life I hate doing but putting up xmas lites on our house is one of them. I live on a court with xmas fanatics. We entered the court in a contest one year and placed in the top ten in the city. You could get a sunburn sitting on our court at night. This year my wife and daughter gave up on me and put up a string of lights. Our place looks pathetic and I hear about it from everyone.
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I live in a very rural area, I light my place up to the extent Clark Griswold's place looks generic. Coyotes and deer, as well as my family are they only soul's
whom get to enjoy it. It's a family tradition as well, in the many years I've strung the lights of joy (and oh! what a joy it is.yea right!!) I've never experience a problem. Common sense comes into play in many situations, one is don't leave your home unoccupied with them on.
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rentem has a great point - a little common sense goes a long way.
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Originally Posted by J.M.C.
rentem has a great point - a little common sense goes a long way.

Why is so many people have so little [or none at all]

I don't mean anyone here at the forums ofcourse
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Use only UL certified lights, nothing else. There should be a UL label on the box and cord. Don't string a lot of sets together which would cause excessive current to go through the wires.
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i wouldnt recommend using staple gun to hang lights as the staple could strip the insulation down to bare wires.
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The mini lights DO give off heat. My wife uses Christmas light wrapped around the pots of her citrus trees to raise the soil temp from 55 to 80.

Are they a fire danger from this heat? It doesn't seem to be as the pots are plastic and the light lay directly on them and are NEVER turned off.

I believe the fire hazard comes from the over burdening of the electricial system by stringing too many together and not keeping the wires in good shape(using cracked or frayed wires).

To know if the lights would melt your tree you would have to know the melting point of the material it was made from. I do not think the lights would be capable of causing a melt/fire situaton unless there was something wrong with the wiring or you had the bristles of the tree stuck into the light sockets along with the bulbs.

Simple common sense will keep you safe this Christmas season.

Most outdoor light made these days are the same as for indoor. The difference is in the wiring insulation and sheathing/insulation for the bulbs. You sould not have any problem with these either.

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