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I have never had a problem on this forum, but on other forum shy do people enjoy calling people "Fags" and making Gay comments. Is this some kind of ego booster for people? to me its one thing to make fun of someone you know, because you can use something they have said or done against them to emotionally scar them (thatís mean), but via internet most people on forums donít know one another. The only contact made is on a thread and that is such a small amount of information to go on that you can judge a person on it. Anyway why are people ignorant???

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I 2nd that, but people tend to use the freedom of speech in the wrong way. The only way to change things is to give positive back even when there's negative. Use the freedom of speech to encourage and love instead of hate back and give negative back...or walk away...don't ever go back to that forum that allows such a thing.

Cheer up and don't let these ignorant people bother you too much.
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DIY has, and enforces, our Rules and Policies which include not allowing degrading remarks to be made in our Forums. We want our members to have pleasant experiences here.
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I have enough of a task managing my own life and its ups and downs without dragging down others. It seems to me "some" hide behind the keyboard. There the type that wouldn't have the guts to say something to anothers face! The information and interaction here at DIY is outstanding. Good people! Anywhere you go if you take a close look you'll find that occasional loser.
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As with Rentem, I'm far too busy worrying about my own life to judge other people. Do your thing and I'll do mine but just have some respect both ways.
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We had a visit in the local area from some really solid citizens last week. They showed up from somewhere in Iowa to protest outside one of the local high schools where some of the kids had started a gay-straight alliance [not something I would personally participate in, but hey]. A simple protest I could handle, but these creatures, among other things, kicked American flags around. The group regularly protests against gays and soldiers serving in Iraq.

Their signs said things like "God Hates Fags," "God Blew up the Troops," "America is Doomed" and "Thank God for Dead Soldiers."

The group has traveled across the country for the last 15 years, protesting in communities they believe support homosexuality. They also hold demonstrations at the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq. The group claims American soldiers are dying to support a country that endorses homosexuality -- the United States.

Young children with the protesters were encouraged to kick balled-up American flags and hold signs saying "Fag Xmas."

What would Jesus say?

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