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my email has been bombarded lately with these bogues threats that i have been to illegal sites and also by sales people pushing drugs and software. how can i stop them? my anti virus catches them, but i spend 10 minutes every time i check my mail deleting them and its starting to pi$$ me off. any advise? thanks
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some providers can block e-mails from sites you select. i use earthlink and have blocked over 50 sender addresses and domains.
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I can have my emails sorted by my provider so that stuff like that goes into what they call my junkmail folder and then gets automatically deleted after something like a week. I always look in there to make sure they didn't make a mistake on something I wanted, but at least I don't have to spend any time deleting.
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I got the one from the "fake" FBI a while back and you know they actually put the real phone number for them "the real FBI" on the e-mail.
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Sign up with a new provider. Hope you are not on hotmail cause that would explain it.
BTW, you don't need to change internet access providers to change email but most providers have spam blocking.
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My ISP provides a junk mail folder which keeps a list of all e-mail addresses that you don't want to recieve mail from. Works fairly well although I do keep getting 'stock tips' all from the same place using a different address. Last week I got 5 from them in 2 minutes, each with a different address.

Also all advertising is suppose to provide a link for you to be removed from their mailing list.

Wish you luck
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I am not making money by this hint. Personally I use yahoo for my email. Anything that gets sent to my bulk folder, I transfer to my inbox and then report it as spam. I am seeing a bit less spam after starting to do this.
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Mozilla's Thunderbird
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The funniest spam I ever recieved was for breast enhancement and my email name is pretty obviously masculine.
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I use Yahoo and like their Bulk Mail folder. It sorts out what they think may be SPAM and I can look at the folder without opening the e-mails or even having to delete them if I wish. Yahoo is not my server, just my homepage and costs nothing.

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