Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Please tell me what you all got this christmas. Did you get everything you wanted?

I got a bunch of dvd movies, Star Wars series, Day After Tomarow, Kungfoo Hustle, ETC. I got a UPS for my computer made by Belkin. I got a black light which is pretty cool. I also got a air conditioner for those hot days especially when the computer heats up this room to 90 degrees! I also got a pressure washer, nice machine to make it easier to get things clean outside. I got one of those "ColdHeat" soldering guns that heat instantly and then cool in seconds to the touch. Then I got a whole bunch of small gifts from far away family like a assorted nut collection for eating, socks and more socks lol. A couple 10 dollar gift things to Denny's restraunt.

So, I think I got all I really wanted this year, all that and having "Family" means alot to me!
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The best Christmas gift is all the kids getting together at the house, ofcourse it is always nice at the end of the day when they return to their own homes
One of the presents I recieved was a craftsman saw clock. Can you believe there was a big warning label on it? Do not use blade for sawing. Do they really think that someone would remove the clock mechanism, redrill the hole to fit a saw and sharpen the teeth? Give me a break!
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Got a new Razor cell phone w/those wireless ear things so when u use it it looks like you're talking to yourself..

Got a really nice Movado w/ diamonds watch. Man...I don't think I can wear it cuz I always scratch my jewelry stuff...but it's beautiful!

Got a mink coat...hmmm...can't really wear it in California! Guess I need to travel!

Got a really pretty necklace from my 10 yr. old son...very precious!

It was fun spending time w/my family too...very, back to work!

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