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the fountainhead

I just started reading this and it really got under my skin, this book caries major themes. Encompassing the fights between good and evil, the strength of the individual, and the threat of fascism. This book is a good way to see the way the world is and how everyone is just trying to deceive you to get ahead in there own lives.

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Six decades after its publication, The Fountainhead is still very much alive. New readers by the hundreds find it every day, and as many old acquaintances return to it with revived curiosity. Every new reading is an occasion to reflect on the qualities that have made this novel an enduring achievement.

Easiest to specify is the book's political and ideological significance. The Fountainhead originally provided, and continues to provide, a powerful inspiration to the individualist movement in America and throughout the world. More than any other work, The Fountainhead reawakened popular enthusiasm for a way of thinking, and a way of life, that in 1943 was regarded by virtually every sector of intellectual opinion as outmoded, discredited, and even dangerous. Rand's courageous challenge to accepted ideas was rendered still more courageous by her willingness to state her individualist premises in the clearest terms and to defend the most radical implications that could be drawn from them.

For many people, the ideological significance of The Fountainhead has tended to obscure its literary significance. Friends as well as foes of the novel have focused their attention almost exclusively on its ideas, noticing literary issues only by a kind of peripheral vision.
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You might also find her book "Atlas Shrugged" interesting. Similar theme here pitting capitalism against socialism.

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