Wisdom teeth


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Wisdom teeth

OMG this hurts, does anyone know how to make it stop hurting? the stuff i got isnt strong enough.

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Sounds like time to visit the dentist. It may be absessed. Many people I know had to have wisdom teeth removed before or right afetr they broke through. Don't know why so many are bad before even getting a chance to be used. Good luck.
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If you are lucky, the dentist can pull it out like a normal tooth, using just novocaine. I was lucky in that respect. My roommate had one that impacted and he needed surgery to get it out. The surgery costs 3x more than a simple extraction. Good luck with it. If you suck on a Lipton (best brand for this purpose according to my dentist) tea bag in the sore area, the tannic acid in the tea can help with the toothache.
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I had my wisdom teeth out 15 years ago. This past winter, I had a lot of pain on the lower right side of my mouth, behind my last molar. Couldn't figure out what it was and the pain was so bad there were days I couldn't eat. Since I have a little one, I tried some of her orajel, with no success. After a couple weeks, a little piece of something hard popped through the gum. After looking at it for a few minutes, I figured out it was a piece of tooth - they had broken my wisdom teeth into pieces before removing them because they could not get them out whole. A couple weeks later, I felt another piece coming through. I immediately starting pulling this piece out. Once it popped, I haven't had any pain since. I do, however, have a lot of empathy for a teething baby.
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Cambece, gargling\swishing with salt water will help immensely, imenslie? immensly? (a lot).
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My dentist told me that Orajel can kill the area you use it on if you use it much.

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