Why Do Threads Get Closed?


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Why Do Threads Get Closed?

As long as the thread is still on the board it's still taking up space right? I just do not understand the logic behind it - that's all.
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Sometimes a thread will be closed when it gets off track - like when it becomes more of arguement session than helpful advice. It can also be closed when it really has no where else to go. It is left on the board so it can still be read.
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I believe I know the Thread you are talking about. It got closed due to the fact that the original poster is no longer a member of DIY. Questions are still being asked in that thread that the poster cannot answer. If you look under the posters name, you will see that it says "guest" which means they cannot answer in the Forums.
Other Threads get closed for the reasons Marksr stated. Also, threads that violate the rules are sometimes closed rather than deleted so the posting member knows why it happened. Moderator notes are in the post following the offending post that explain why the thread was closed.

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