Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hope this belongs here!

I think I may have carpal tunnel syndrome. I know the thing to do is see a doctor but...I don't want to go! I'm stubborn.

Anyway, over 2 weeks ago as I was typing out my recipe book...a lot of pages...when I finished the book, I noticed there was a tweek in my wrist. It's still there! Do you guys know what I can do (besides seeing a doc) to make it better? I can still type, but there's that tweek that doesn't go away. The pain isn't too bad... Just when I turn it the wrong way when I cook,type,work etc. Any at home test I can do? Anyone know how I can tell when or if I really need to see the doc?

Just curious... I did do some research as what the causes and symptoms are but I just wanted to know more.
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oh be brave. go see the doc. if it is CTS you could end up needing surgery.
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boo hoo! What if it really isn't anything? I'd just hate to waste my time waiting a million hours and finding out I need to just take some tylenol or something....
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try some exercises and back off the the task you think may have caused it. there are ace type wrist supports that may help
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I was having wrist pain at work. Bought a wrist support made by Mueller and it was the best $10 I ever spent.
My personal opinion on support devices is not to wear them when you are not doing things to irritate the problem. I think that your muscles need to do some work and the braces make them lazy. Good luck.
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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very over used diagnosis. The actual definition involves symptoms (pain, tingling or numbness) in the thumb, index, middle and middle side of ring finger on the palm side of the hand only. Symptoms in the palm, little finger, back of the hand,... are automatically not cps. Those patients that I have who have cps usually benefit from wearing a wrist splint at night - most people blame typing on a keyboard for cps, but I have found almost all of my patients with it sleep with their wrists curled up and are causing the problem mostly in their sleep.
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Gr8...more input! Uh, well, I think I'm going to try a wrist support at least for the meanwhile.

Mitch17: that's what I was confused on and that's why I didn't want to see a doc. The pain, tingling now rises to my forearm once in a while on the back and front of it...this is only when in motion though. It's starting to creep to my pinky and middle finger area too. Argh...who knows what it is...

All I know is I sleep with my wrists least I start off that way
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I have a wrist problem which is usually dormant but the way I get it healed is by wearing a brace at night when it acts up. Actually, I use my rollerblade wrist gaurd because it really braces.
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I tried the wrap last night but during the night my hand went numb. I must have slept on my hand or something. So eventually I just took it off. I may have wrapped it too tight too...I dunno but I'm wearing it during the day now as it keeps my wrist in place and it feels better support wise. I'll probably try the brace thing next.

Can I get a brace over the counter or should I go directly to a sporting goods place?

I read more on cts and I'm starting to think I just have some other kinda problem b/c it said the pain, tingling thing usually starts at the thumb and 2 fingers next to it and at the wrist. I have somewhat different symtoms. Giving it 2 more weeks or so to heal and if nothing then I'll give in and see a doc!
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Could be a pinched nerve........
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I had a sales job
Phone work and face to face

I found I had a pain in-between the shoulder blades
A friend says where, here?, and touches the exact spot
Ouch I said
Friend says stop holding the phone to your ear with your shoulder
I stopped
Pain stopped

I also had wrist and elbow problems, and that got me to thinking
I switched to a Dr. Grip big fat ergonomic pen, and an ergonomic stapler
Both pains stay away till I use a regular pen or stapler

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