telephone annoyances


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telephone annoyances

I'm getting more frequent calls from telemarketers and those damn auto
recordings. Iv'e signed up for the "do not call" lists,have a unlisted number,but keep getting this crap.. The feds. and state agencies that your supposed to lodge a complaint are a farce,at least here in Massachusetts.
some time ago i heard you can do some things when you get a call,like just leave the handset off the cradle,or dial a series of numbers that crashes the senders system.
Anybody have any suggestions?
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I agree that it is a major annoyance. I have an answering machine and screen my calls. If you answer the phone, you can tell the caller not to call again. Not that it always works. I pick up the phone on recorded messages and then hang up. This seems to work for me. Not many of them call back. Good luck.
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I have a answering machine also,but some family members can't resist picking up the phone right away,which i don't think any of us should have to be bothered by intrusions on our private property and time.
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We have a digital answering machine that defaults to "record message" as the outgoing message if the power goes out. We leave it on that because it's long enough to tell the computer that dialed you that you answered, but short enough that there's no sound when the person comes on the line - the people calling often find it very annoying, which amuses me.
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I had my number placed on the do not call list and have had great results. With the exception of the #%@*# phone company it is very rare that I get a telemarketer
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I like all the suggestions. I also don't mind someone trying to make a living,but my realm is my personal place and i am offended if its crossed without permission. Geeze! i sound like some one from the government now.
Oh,well! such is life.
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If one does manage to get through I will talk there head off like I've been on a desserted island for years. It's pretty funny.
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Do you guys ever get the ones where... you answer "hello?" and there's a slight pause and then they say..."hello?" back? When that happens I just hang up. If it was a mistake and someone that's important or one that I know, I'm sure they'd call right back. I think those calls are automated or something...
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I got one about a week ago that prompted me to ask others about this intrusion.
me :"hello"....Pause,....."Hello"

Them.:"Would you please hold for the next representive?" In broken English yet!!!!

I'd love to have some electronic device that would send the call signal back to them so as fry their equipment.
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ask them to give you their personal home number and say you will call them at home and give them your decision.
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I love that one, Peter. I sometimes get stuck with a solicitor via cell phone because the id comes up unavailable. Still have to answer because there is occasionally a legitmate caller without an id (some motor club dispatching comes in as unavailable). I've tried asking for the phone number they are calling from; after all they have MY number. Never thought to make it home phone number. I also sometimes speak gibberish in a fake foreign language or just say, "I no speak English".

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