new DIY format


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new DIY format

this new format stinks IMO. Anyway to chage it back? are there prefs anyplace ?
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Thread moved.

There are a number of changes to the forum software taking place and we ask for your patience.

If you select "User CP" in the blue bar near the top you will find a way of changing your personal preferences.
Plus, you will find settings under your browser or operating system that may help.
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Question I Don't Smell Anything????...Do You???...Smell What???

Hello: chicago111

Everyones opinion is valuable and heard. However, the site simply cannot accomodate everyones personal prefs either. As Greg explained, some choices are still available.

Problem is, you stated this new format "STINKS?" I smell nothing. No odors noticed. Clean new format and very free of buggs, considering how customized the basic software operation was in the recent past.

An excellant code writing job done by some of the very best and highly qualified professional software writers to be found just about anywhere. They have managed to accomplish what I was once told could not be done, as I invisioned it to be. Thanks guys and gals. Job well done..... And it is not over yet. Stay tuned in. Stick around. More to come.

By the way, exactly what "STINKS"????
Would you care to elaborate????
I'd be interested to know. And so would our software writers.

If the vertical format is too long, simple close and forum group of topics. Use the 2 tiny arrows to the right in the yellow/orange bar next to the "Report A Bad Post" button.

Once any forum group of topics is closed, on each return visit to the forums page, that group, or as many as selected, will remain closed. Thus further speeding up forum page loading.... A feature that I personally requested by made available and operational. Now done and works perfectly.

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Thank you very much Sharp. Now my wife thinks I'm strange for smelling the computer screen.

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