Legacy of love


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Legacy of love

My mother passed away recently.

As I go though her mementos and treasures I have begun to realize how deeply she loved us. In each passage of our lives she had commemorated the occasion with a neatly tucked away remembrance of love. Small things..., some registering firsts; others significant strides, many of which I had long forgotten.

Not just a mothers love, but the love of a bound human being. She was bound to being and life ever lasting; to a quite steadfast form of loving expression, and to God. Now that I think about it, maybe thats what others saw in her, and why she was befriended by many.

Her friends, and even so called acquaintances, were friends for life. Neigher time nor distance broke the bond in her mind or heart. And there was never much difference between a family member and those she adopted and mentored to along the way. You became her child or ward; part of her world. I was a child of the womb. You were a child of her heart.

Today I uncovered old cub scout and boy scout memorabilia. Not just mine nor my brothers, but of all of us Neatly stored with loving care were our name tags and pictures. She saved material from the shirts and scarfs that she had sewn to save the troop from extinction. The note said "my boys"; then the troop number, place, and year.

Some of you gave your all in Vietnam. Except for one, I have lost track of the remainder. But like I said, I have begun to realize how deeply she loved us.

It's my misfortune that I cannot say "I love you" to her.
If someone cares deeply about you, be kind to yourself... say I love you.
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First I would like to say sorry for your loss.

We found the same types of things when my Grandmother passed and it really broke my heart that even though I lived close to her and loved her deeply I took for granted that she would be around forever and didn't visit as much as I could. Some may think it's strange but I've been saving things ever since our 1st kid was born and hopefully after I'm gone and it's discovered it will relight old memories of good times we had over the years.

Always let the ones in your life know that you love them and appreciate the sacrifices they've made for you in their lives.
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I've realized that the only way you can truly appreciate your parents is to have your own children. Someday, I might say the same thing about grandparents and grandchildren.

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