Congratulations are in order


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Smile Congratulations are in order

I believe that congratulations are in order. I currently have the longest posting on this entire DIY site. My posting has not only gone unanswered since January 16 , 2006, but has not had any postings after it. It is still at the top of the list.

I realize that Yellowstone Park is an obscure thread for the Sports and Travel forum , but I would have thought that someone would have had a posting since the time that mine was made, even with a new thread.

Well, I anxiously wait to learn what I have won - perhaps some free saw blades from Irwin or Bosch

Reservations are made.
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You are correct. The travel Forum does not get much in the way of postings. I couldn't help you on your question. Sorry. Maybe this renewal will help. Good luck.
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Yeah i have noticed that sometimes in the cleaning forums there is a flurry of activity for a few days...then nothing for sure in the summer time when more people are wanting to travel it will pick up
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Gee I didn't even realize we had a sport and travel forum

I've only been to Yellowstone once and that was in the 60's, probably not even the same place. I'm sure y'all will enjoy your trip no matter what you decide.
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just like the rest, didn't know the thread existed, and as i explained in my post on that thread, i'll be keeping an eye on it (being an army brat and a traveler of freedom).

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thanks for helping out, Brentwood!

ironically enough, several weeks ago, i suggested that Sports & Travel be separated, as they have nothing to do with each other. eventually, someday, like on the next round of updates, alterations & corrections, it'll get done.

for the curious, here's the LINK to your thread in Travel........

have fun on your trip!
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Here's the thing..

Many users do not have access to the 'new posts' option. I've only recently gotten access to it.
So unless they are browsing that particular forum, your post may never be see by a vast majority of visitors. Narrow that by those that have an interest in 'sports and travel' (this is after all "do it yourself" not conde nast traveller.. ), and you can see why some posts either don't get replies, or get very few, while others might see hundreds.
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Well my posting streak is over thanks to Rapture. It must have ended short as I did not receive any prize notifications.

Seriously, many thanks for the responses and thanks to Barry and Tow Guy for their informative postings.

I'm off to tear down my old shed. Hopefully I'll have the new one up in time for vacation, and more importantly in time for this years hurricane season.

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Ah... offering up another sacraficial shed to the hurricane gods eh?
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You made the new one an in-ground shed, right?
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Originally Posted by the_tow_guy
You made the new one an in-ground shed, right?
I already have an in-ground one, but due to the water table here it filled up with water. Now I have to constantly add chlorine to it to keep the alge and its associated smell down

Hope the scrafice of my old shed will help to protect the new one. If not, perhaps the hurricane tie downs will. I'll have 2x6" frame construction, but with all the new codes and subsequent hurricane requirements I think 99% of the shed will be metal.

Perhaps I need a strap nailer

Thanks again.


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